Captain Marvel Fans Think Doing This In the Sequel Would Be a Huge Mistake

Holding a movie with one character is not an easy task, but when the title is about one superhero, fans expect that to be upheld. When Brie Larson was picked to play Captain Marvel, everyone thought it would be an origin tale featuring exclusively her. Some fans are still carping over the fact that they paired her up with another Avenger instead for the movie.

Even if there were trolls who went after Larson for her more understated performance, there’s a growing consensus now that Captain Marvel 2 has to let Larson’s Carol Danvers be the center of attention.

After all, there’s still a lot to learn about where she came from and exploring what it’s like for her being a woman superhero in the modern age. On Reddit, as usual, there’s a lot of debate about how the sequel should be formulated.

Should there be more flashbacks in the sequel?

Brie Larson on the red carpet
Brie Larson | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

A lot of fans who liked Captain Marvel say there should be more chances to flashback to the 1990s where the first movie took place. However, they also want to hear more ’90s music, something the soundtrack didn’t utilize much, likely due to rights issues.

Since flashbacks are becoming somewhat of a cottage industry at Marvel of late, maybe it’s better to focus on the present, as in events after Endgame. No doubt there may be some flashbacks in the sequel to flesh out Carol Danvers’ background with the Kree Empire. However, dealing with the aftermath of Endgame and how Carol deals with policing the universe could be more of a focus.

The biggest problem with the first film, according to Reddit users, is the main story revolved around the Avengers rather than Carol’s own story. Maybe some fans can argue her tale was more intellectual, something that seems to be a liability in a comic book film.

From the perspective of Brie Larson, she found Carol’s uneasy balance between her unemotional Kree side and her flawed human side to be one of the best superhero character studies.

Fans think the sequel shouldn’t be about teaming up with other Avengers

Those who’ve seen the first Captain Marvel know Carol Danvers teams up with a younger Nick Fury from the ’90s (before he loses his eye), something not everyone loved.

While the chemistry between Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson was still fantastic, there seems to be some general opinion Carol’s own story was too boring without having interventions with fellow future or present Avengers.

Some fans are concerned the writing team will have Carol teamed up with fellow Avengers again for the sequel (maybe Thor, Loki, or another woman) rather than focusing squarely on her. Is this really a fair assumption her story needs pumping up with Avengers, or can Captain Marvel be of interest alone for a change?

There seems to be a creed at Marvel that all MCU movies have to involve the Avengers working together rather than focusing on anyone individually. Perhaps the thought is because Carol is really one of the most powerful Avengers of all, it turns more attention to her human side having her interact with her fellow superhero peers.

Ultimately, deciding whether Carol’s background story is more interesting depends on how thoughtful fans want the sequel to be.

Larson doesn’t know when the sequel will be out

According to Brie Larson from recent interviews, she says there isn’t any set date on when Captain Marvel 2 will arrive. All possibility exists Marvel is still working out what direction they’ll go in with the sequel and whether Larson can convince them to make it a true solo tale.

With many solo superhero films done over the years (mostly at DC), seeing one for a woman would be more than innovative. Since Larson was one of the group of Marvel women recently trying to convince Kevin Feige to make an all-women MCU film, CM2 could possibly be the start of that.

As with most ideas at Marvel, it’s likely still on the negotiating table.