‘Captain Marvel’ Stuntwoman Alyma Dorsey Reveals the 2 Hardest Parts of Skrull Stunts

Skrulls are intimidating physical specimens in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s not always easy for the Skrull actors, though. Captain Marvel stuntwoman Alyma Dorsey described working on the film, as she played a Skrull in two scenes. Dorsey also participates in the new documentary Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story.

Captain Marvel Skrulls
Ben Mendelsohn (left) and other Skrulls | Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

Dorsey spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by phone about the documentary and her career in movie stunts. You can learn more behind the scenes stories like this one in Stuntwomen, available now on digital VOD.

Skrull makeup wasn’t the hardest part of ‘Captain Marvel’

Dorsey endured hours of makeup to transform into a Skrull. However, that wasn’t the hard part about performing stunts in Captain Marvel.

“We had to fight in that full Skrull makeup,” Dorsey said. “It was intense because it was six hours. It started out as six hours of makeup and then they got it down to like three to four. Yeah, sitting in that chair for that length of time and then the contacts, just all the prosthetics on your skin, that was really a challenging part of being in Captain Marvel was really just getting the makeup put on.”

The Skrull costume wasn’t the hardest part of ‘Captain Marvel’

The Skrulls wear battle uniforms when they face off against Kree or humans. To the human stuntwomen playing them, those don’t allow the most manueverability.

“Whenever we get a costume, especially something of that nature, it can be hindering as far as your movements are concerned,” Dorsey said. “But, what normally happens is you get a chance to do fittings and wardrobe and you get a chance to voice if you can’t raise your hand or turn your head. Sometimes they’ll accommodate you in that fashion. A lot of times they won’t though. A lot of times you just have to figure it out.”

Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story | Shout! Factory

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In the case of Captain Marvel, the costumes were already established. The stunt fighters just had to make do.

“Sometimes you’re in costumes and your arms don’t raise all the way,” Dorsey said. “Guess what, your arms just will not raise all the way today. But, you still have to make adjustments and you still have to be able to perform and get the job done. So we can’t really use our wardrobe as an excuse sometimes. We have to push through it as much as we can, unless it becomes a safety issue of course.”

The beach and boots were harder than makeup or costumes

Dorsey was involved in the Skrull fight on the spaceship, and later in the desert. The combination of sand and Skrull boots that were toughest challenge to overcome.

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“It  was a really hard environment to run in, especially outside because the sand was so thick and our boots were just clunky,” Dorsey said. “It was kind of hard to run in those boots but you make the best of it. Every scene in every film is so different. You’re almost in a fairy tale when you go to work. You just never know which land you’re going to pop up into today. It’s kind of cool.”