Captain Sandy from ‘Below Deck Med’ and Leah Shafer Get Stranded and Have Dinner in Their Car

When in doubt, have dinner in the car. That’s what Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean and Leah Shafer did when they got stranded in Chicago.

The couple was fresh off their magnetic “I Believe Tour” and ready to move onto their next destination. But like many travelers, they encountered a number of flight delays. Yawn said they sat on the plane for hours (and possibly the entire day) without food. Ultimately the couple’s flight was canceled.

Leah Shafer and Captain Sandy Yawn
Leah Shafer and Captain Sandy Yawn | Photo courtesy of Leah Shafer

Shafer posted to her Instagram story about how they got stuck in Chicago. Plus they ended up having dinner in the car. Of course, this isn’t the first time they had to have an impromptu picnic on the go.

Dining in the hallway

This is one couple who has locked themselves out of their hotel room more than once. When they visited New York City earlier this summer they got locked out (someone forgot the key) to their hotel room, not once but twice.

During the first instance, Shafer was in the hallway digging into her Starbucks eggwhite bites, not overly concerned about being locked out. The second time they were locked out of their room, they thankfully found the key inside Shafer’s handbag. Shafer posted a video to Instagram. “With my love @captainsandrayawn,” she wrote. “Once again, our room key was lost!!! Somewhere in my bag! Sooo, after removing all contents, that I must have, low and behold the key was found!! Hahaha what is it about us and room keys hah.” 

More recently, the couple was locked out of Shafer’s apartment while she was lugging several boxes of Modern Oats to her space. While they didn’t dine in the hallway and waited until they got into the apartment, they dug right into their goodies. This time, Shafer dove down a glass of … charcoal! Yawn had to try the drink after Shafer insisted it tasted good. “Wow, this is so good,” Yawn confirms.

No luggage, no problem

Shafer shared a video to her Instagram story of the couple in the backseat of a car on their way back into Chicago. She explained they were at the airport all day waiting for a flight but the flight never took off. They were without food all day so Yawn shows the camera two meager lunch style boxes with raw vegetables, cheese, and apples.

Well past 6 pm the couple explains they’d been trying to leave the area since 8 am but their flight was canceled. In addition to the small snack boxes, Shafer has her eggwhite bites too. While it stinks to have your flight canceled, Yawn says they were headed to the Four Seasons Hotel.

Then Shafer says, “Our luggage is in New York, but we’re not in New York!” Adding, she has no clothes except for what she is currently wearing. Yawn looks at the camera, “Apples?” she asks, blissed out by the fruit. “So refreshing.” Then Shafer adds, “I think nothing matters because we’re together. I love her.” Yawn looks touched and happy.