Cardi B And Other Celebrities Who Got Really Honest About Being New Parents

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Luna

Chrissy Teigen with husband John Legend and daughter Luna. | Chrissy Teigen via Instagram

Parenting is tough, whether you have a nine-to-five job in an office or are heading back to work on tour with Bruno Mars. Sure, the former is more common, but the latter is a reality for some new moms — specifically Cardi B. The Grammy-nominated rapper and mother of daughter Kuture Kiari has been quite candid about how new motherhood is treating her and has a message for moms everywhere: it’s OK to need recovery time.

While some celebrity moms are quick to show off their once-again bikini bodies (yes, Kim Kardashian, we’re looking at you) others show the more realistic struggles that new parents face each day: with their bodies, their minds, and of course, their babies.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is notorious for her hilarious and pointed Instagram photos and tweets. Many of them center around parenting her now two-year-old daughter, Luna, and her newborn, Miles. Teigen had Miles with husband John Legend in May 2018 and recently disclosed her body image message to moms everywhere through her social media.

“I guess these just aren’t going to go away. This is my new body,” Teigen said of her self-dubbed “mom bod” and stretch marks in a video. She followed the video by tweeting about her journey with body positivity postpartum.

“Instagram is crazy. I think it’s awesome people have killer bodies and are proud to show them off (I really do!!) but I know how hard it can be to forget what (for lack of a better word) regular ol’ bodies look like when everyone looks bonkers amazing,” she tweeted.

“Also I don’t really call this ‘body confidence’ because I’m not quite there yet. I’m still super insecure. I’m just happy that I can make anyone else out there feel better about themselves!”

Teigen has also become outspoken about breastfeeding issues and will post photos to her social media page. While entranced with her daughter, Teigen was honest about the difficulties of the breastfeeding schedule. “It’s very loving and sweet, but it’s not easy. It’s hard to work your entire day around getting her the nourishment she needs because [babies] are just little animals,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow was blunt about her experience with postpartum depression with her son, Moses. She hadn’t experienced any postnatal mental issues after giving birth to her daughter, Apple, two years earlier and was taken off guard after the birth of her son.

“I think [it] was really shocking to me because I never thought that I would be a person who got postnatal depression,” Paltrow said. She spoke with her mother, Blythe Danner, on a Goop podcast episode titled “Gwyneth x Blythe: On Mothers and Daughters.” Paltrow admitted she “went into a dark place,” after giving birth to Moses.

Her husband at the time, Chris Martin, was the first to suggest that she was potentially experiencing postpartum depression, which is categorized by a loss of pleasure in things you normally enjoy, guilty feelings, and excessive irritability, among others. “I couldn’t connect with my son the way that I had with my daughter and I couldn’t understand why. I couldn’t connect to anyone. I felt like a zombie. I felt very detached,” Paltrow said during an episode of Lifetime’s The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet in 2016.

Paltrow shared her story in an effort to destigmatize postpartum depression and help mothers everywhere release the guilt they felt over their experiences. “It’s a very debilitating thing, and I think there’s so much shame around it and there shouldn’t be,” she said. The American Psychology Association found that one in seven women experience postnatal depression, and not all women have the same experiences. Some have such severe symptoms they require hospitalization while others experience minor depressive thoughts.

Cardi B

Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, may be vocal about her alpha dog status, but even she admitted she met her match with daughter Kuture Kiari, calling her “very demanding.”

“I can’t believe I have a boss,” she said, “There’s this feeling, that as soon as my baby came out that I had, that it’s just like, I can’t leave my baby … It’s so hard, because I wanna be with my baby every second.” And while Kuture certainly captured her heart, Cardi B was honest about the physical struggles she’s enduring as a new mother.

Cardi B and Offset

Cardi B and partner Offset took over Rolling Stone‘s cover. | Cardi B via Instagram

Cardi B had to cancel her upcoming tour with Bruno Mars, saying that while she thought six weeks of recovery would be enough, it isn’t.

“I thought that after giving birth to my daughter that 6 months would be enough time for me to recover physically and mentally. I also thought that I’d be able to bring her with me on tour, but I think I underestimated this whole mommy thing … hope you guys understand that this decision has been the hardest to make but I have to do what’s best for myself and my baby!” she told her followers via her Instagram account.

Still, she hasn’t completely stopped working; Cardi is featured on several upcoming singles and plans to head back to the studio soon. “I just have to take my time to do certain things, because my body really can’t take it,” she admitted.

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