Cardi B Couldn’t Believe How Rough ‘Hustlers’ Was But Still Wants to Act More

Cardi B is known for rapping skills, but like many celebrities, the brash superstar recently made the jump into movies. The rapper was seen in Hustlers, which stars Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu.

When Cardi B discussed the experience afterward, she surprised everyone by admitting that she didn’t really like it. Even more surprising: Her experience won’t stop her from acting again. In fact, she has one very important reason for wanting to act, and it’s something we can all relate to. 

Cardi B was bored on the set of ‘Hustlers’

Cardi B attends the Chanel Womenswear Spring/Summer 2020 show as part of Paris Fashion Week.
Cardi B | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Cardi B recently made her film debut in the stripper drama, Hustlers, alongside Lopez. This is a big career jump for Cardi B, who’s known for her rapping skills. So, during her interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she was asked how it went.

Turns out, she liked it, but there were some issues that she had difficulty with. Mainly, waiting around on set. 

“I couldn’t believe that I was on set for, like, 16 hours,” Cardi B told DeGeneres. “Like, goddamn, is this what actors and actresses gotta go through?”

But she also made sure the audience knew that it wasn’t hard work or long days that she was afraid of.

“Artists, we have long days, but it’s just full of excitement. Like, we move around. We’re doing something,” she said. 

To be fair, that’s probably just a matter of opinion. Some people may find a film set very exciting and a recording studio boring. But Cardi B wasn’t having it. She said she was waiting in her trailer for a long time and then had to repeat the scene several times as well. 

Although waiting in a trailer doesn’t sound so bad if you have other entertainment, like a TV. A lot of people would much rather do that than go to work in an office. 

Cardi B wants to continue acting

Even with all the boring moments on set, Cardi B made it clear that she still wants to continue her acting career. When DeGeneres implied that she probably wouldn’t want to do another movie, Cardi B was quick to correct her. “Oh yes I am!” she said.

In fact, she revealed that she’s shooting another film this month. But it’s not necessarily the love of acting that keeps her going.

“I enjoy the checks!” she admitted in a sing-song voice.

You can’t really blame her for that. Most of us would go through any amount of boredom for the right amount of money. 

Cardi B’s stripping experience helped her in ‘Hustlers’

Although she didn’t have acting experience, Cardi B was a natural choice for the movie Hustlers because she does have stripping experience. Before she made it big in the music industry, she worked in clubs as a dancer. The previous experience helped Cardi B in her role, as she explained during an interview with E! News

According to the rapper, becoming successful as a stripper has little to do with looks and is actually all about what you say and how you treat the men in the club. “It’s all about the game,” she said. 

Cardi B had lots of game. In fact, she may have taken it a little too far during her time as a stripper. During an Instagram Live video, she once admitted to drugging men in order to steal their money. The admission drew plenty of backlash but Cardi B claims she was only trying to survive. 

Regardless of the public’s opinion, Cardi B’s experience helped her land the role and helped her relate to the characters in a big way. By all accounts, she did a great job with the role.