Cardi B Had a Conversation With Joe Biden About Free College, Medicare, and Equality; ‘People Are Getting Sick Left and Right’

Cardi B is known for her music, her catchy lyrics, and her larger-than-life personality. But she’s also been pretty vocal about politics and has a major love for American history. She’s been a big supporter of Bernie Sanders and free college and Medicare. Now, she sat down for a virtual conversation with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Vice President Joe Biden

Cardi B at The Big Game Weekend at The Dome Miami on Feb. 2, 2020 / Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during an event with his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) at the Alexis Dupont High School on Aug. 12, 2020.
Cardi B at The Big Game Weekend at The Dome Miami on Feb. 2, 2020 / Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during an event with his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) at the Alexis Dupont High School on Aug. 12, 2020 | Prince Williams/Wireimage / Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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Cardi B had a video conversation with Joe Biden about the pandemic and November’s election

On Aug. 17, Elle released the conversation between Cardi B and Biden. Of course, it was through the computer, but the two held common ground about the state of America at the moment. Cardi B was very open about her desires for the November presidential election, and how frustrating it’s been that it took a devastating pandemic to shed a light on President Donald Trump’s policies and inaction. 

“It’s so sad that a pandemic had to happen so people could open their eyes and see what type of person they are dealing with. [Trump is] really confusing everyone,” Cardi B told Biden. “… [He’s] really playing games. And it’s crazy that all of this had to happen so they could open their eyes to the past four years.”

Biden then seemed to blame millennials and Gen Z for 2016’s turnout. He stated that the vote matters, and that Cardi’s generation could change the tide of everything.

“Well, it doesn’t have to happen. In 2016, if 18- to 24-year-olds had voted in the same percentage as the rest of the population, there would have been 5.2 million more votes,” Biden said. “We wouldn’t have [Trump]; we would have had Hillary Clinton.”

Free college and healthcare are important for Cardi B

As stated before, Cardi B has been a voice for free college and healthcare for a while. Last August, Cardi B met with then-Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders about similar issues. Sanders’ policies aligned with Cardi’s desires, which she also tweeted about back in July of 2019. 

“I been reading about Bernie Sanders and I’m really sad how we let him down in 2016,” she wrote on Twitter. “This man been fighting for equal rights,HUMAN rights for such along time.Seeing this country become a better place been really his passion for a long time not a new front for a campaign.”

She also tweeted her willingness to put taxes toward free education and healthcare in America. “Its sad that we pay so much taxes yet we don’t have free college education neither free healthcare,” she wrote. 

In this new meeting with Biden, Cardi B expressed a similar sentiment.

“A lot of fans are concerned about free college and Medicare, especially now that people are getting sick left and right,” she said. “Sometimes people have problems in their community.”

Biden said he’s ‘so optimistic’ about the future thanks to Cardi B’s generation of millennials 

In addition to touching on the pandemic, healthcare, and what her fans want from the election and a president, Cardi B touched on racial inequality as well.

“I feel like Black people, we’re not asking for sympathy, we’re not asking for charity—we are just asking for equality,” Cardi B said. “We are asking for fairness, and we are asking for justice. That is all.” 

She stated that a lot of that is “getting interpreted in a very different way,” when really it’s simple. “We just want justice. We want to feel like Americans,” she expressed. 

The conversation turned to the protests happening in America regarding these issues, and Biden praised millennial voters, despite his earlier comments. He emphasized the importance of their voice. 

“The reason I’m so optimistic is because of your generation,” Biden told Cardi. “You’re the smartest, the best educated, the least prejudiced, and the most engaged generation in history. And you’re going to change things. I really mean it.”

While Biden didn’t go over specific policies and didn’t touch on support for or against free college and healthcare — at least in this conversation — it was a way to engage with Cardi’s fan base. 

“This is all about the game of making people hate each other,” Biden said about Trump. “Because that’s how he wins, by dividing us. Your generation is changing it.”

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