Cardi B Joins ‘Carpool Karaoke’: Proves She’s Not the Best Driver

Cardi B

Cardi B | Getty Images/Theo Wargo

Cardi B was given a crash course in driving and oh did she crash into a few things.

Cardi B joined James Corden in the latest installment of ‘Carpool Karaoke’ while enjoying a funfilled day driving around Los Angeles and giving the rapper a chance to get behind the wheel.

The episode began like any other

On Monday night’s episode of The Late Late Show, James Corden and Cardi B began the show singing along to her platinum hit ‘Bodak Yellow’.

As the two rapped along to the song, Cardi rolled down her window and started to sing to drivers who did not seem to be amused by her. When the song came to an end, Corden then asked the rapper about her many years of hard work before reaching success.

Cardi B discussed her years as a stripper and eventually receiving popularity on Instagram. She added that once she began making music, DJ’s would not play her songs on the radio and were “sleeping” on her. “I had to keep on making music until I find the right one,” the rapper said.

Cardi B entertains people where ever she goes

As Cardi B and Corden moved onto singing the next song “Money”, they came across a park filled with kids who immediately recognized the rapper.

“Stay in school! Listen to your mom or you won’t be getting no Christmas gifts,” she shouted. “Go tell your moms to buy my new single.”

She owns five cars that she can’t drive

On their next break from singing, James Corden asked Cardi about her love for cars. The rapper revealed that she owns five exotic cars but she doesn’t know how to drive.

When asked why she has cars if she can’t drive, Cardi B answered, “To take pictures with it.”

She continued, “You know how many things I can rap about now that I own these cars? I couldn’t rap about these cars because I didn’t own them, but now I can rap about it.”

Cardi B gets a quick driving lesson

To James Corden’s shock that Cardi B does not know how to drive, he insists that the rapper learns. As they pull into a parking lot filled with cones and flags, the rapper removes her heels and switches seats with Corden.

Now in the driver’s seat, Cardi B puts the car into drive and not even a minute later runs over a cone. “I hit a cone! I hit a cone! I’m scared!” she shouted.  James Corden looked to be regretting his decision to let Cardi B drive but continues on with the driving lesson.

The television host then instructed the rapper to make a right turn but Cardi B went left. After a few more minutes of running over more cones and backing up into a camera, the rapper attempted to parallel park before calling it quits.

James Corden had one more challenge for Cardi B

The episode ended with Corden asking Cardi B if she has ever performed for the older demographic after the rapper discussed one of her most uncomfortable performances.

Cardi revealed that she’s never had the opportunity to do so and the two drive to a senior center where they crash a dance class.

Cardi B sang and danced along to her hit song, “I Like It” along with the energetic senior citizens.

As the rapper swayed along to the song with an older man named Gunther, he asked if she was looking for a significant other and of course, Cardi B said “Sure.”

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the hilarious Cardi B on “Carpool Karaoke”, check out the video below.