Cardi B Once Spent $300,000 to Wow Her Coachella Audience

Today’s biggest names in music are some of the richest people in the country. With Cardi B’s recent success, she’s definitely included in that group.

But when artists suddenly find themselves with more money than they ever imagined, it’s tempting to make some big purchases. Cardi B has spent more than most will see in a lifetime. This includes a massive amount of the Coachella festival. But don’t tell her how to spend her money — here’s why.

How much does Cardi B make?

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Since Cardi B made it big in the music industry, she’s been able to rack in the moola. At the beginning of 2019, her net worth was thought to be around $8 million.

But by the end of the year, that had increased to around $12 million. And some estimate it may now be as high as $24 million. That’s a huge number for someone that admitted she used to be a member of the Bloods gang and a stripper. 

However, now that Cardi B has such a high amount in her account, she’s been spending plenty on her new lifestyle. There can be no doubt when you see her expensive new appearance and fashion choices that Cardi B is a millionaire. 

Cardi B Spent $300,000 at Coachella

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In 2018, Cardi B forked over some big bucks to wow the Coachella audience, but surprisingly, she didn’t get paid much in return. 

If you’re not familiar with the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, it’s a three-day event, over two weekends, in Indio, California, which headlines some of the biggest names in music, along with art installations and a smorgasbord of bohemian fashion. 

During an interview with SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation, Cardi B admitted that she was shelling out around $300,000 for her stage set. Although, those that attended her performance weren’t quite sure where all that money went because her set-up seemed similar to other artists who played the event.

There were three huge screens and a metal lattice behind her, but that was comparable to what the other performers had. Some theorized that Cardi B’s estimate may have included all the backup dancers, guest rappers, and the DJ. But regardless of where the money went, it’s an expensive stage and she wasn’t getting the money back from Coachella. 

Apparently, Coachella booked Cardi B several months before the event, before she was such a big name in music. Because of this, she was only paid $70,000 per weekend to play at the festival. When you consider that money she’s paying for a stage set, that a huge deficit.

But Cardi B doesn’t seem to mind. She considers it an “investment.” Playing Coachella gives her the opportunity to expand her audience. Especially outside of its hip-hop core since Coachella doesn’t usually attract a large number of hip-hop fans, although that’s slowly changing.  

What else does Cardi B spend her money on?

Cardi B attends the Chanel Womenswear Spring/Summer 2020 show as part of Paris Fashion Week.
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Looking good is part of the job when you’re in the entertainment industry, and Cardi B definitely invests in her appearance. According to PageSix, during a now-deleted live stream on Twitter, the rapper admitted to spending around $250,000 to $300,000 every month to look good. 

“…being an artist, looking good for y’all, doing all this extra s–t to please y’all, that s–t costs money,” Cardi B said. 

But even though she makes plenty of money, Cardi B doesn’t want anyone thinking that they have a right to tell her how to spend it.

“I hate when celebrities do something very extravagant,” she said, “…there’s people in the comments going like, ‘you could have donated that,’ or ‘We going backwards. You could have done this and that with your money,’ and it’s like, who are you to tell people what to do with their hard-working a– money?”

According to Cardi B, she works hard for the money, and she’s going to spend it however she wants. And that’s totally fair.