Cardi B. Opens Up About Her Reconciliation with Offset

Cardi B and Offset on a red carpet
Cardi B and Offset on a red carpet | Instagram via Cardi B

Cardi B. has always been candid about her relationship with Migos rapper Offset.

After calling it quits from Offset after his cheating scandal back in December, the “Money” rapper has decided to give Offset another chance and reconcile their relationship.

Cardi B. is back together with Offset

After many weeks of speculation, Cardi. B and Offset are back together!

Fans went into a frenzy after TMZ caught up with the “Bodak Yellow” rapper while she was walking through Los Angeles airport.

When asked who she was talking to on the phone Cardi B. replied, “My significant other,” and one could clearly see that she was, in fact, talking to Offset.

Sources have been staying up to date with Cardi B. and Offset’s relationship ever since Cardi announced that they had called it quits after 15 months of marriage.

Since then, Offset has been doing everything in his power to win his wife back. He has even vowed to do all he could to win Cardi’s trust back and it looks like whatever he did, worked!

A source close to the couple revealed that they are back together and the two are continuing to work on their relationship each day.

According to the insider, “He has been pursuing her hard and trying to convince her to get back together with him since the day they split.”

TMZ reports that Cardi B. is planning on moving back into Offset’s Atlanta home so they can live together with their daughter, Kulture, as a family.

Cardi B. doesn’t understand the obsession over her relationship

Over the past few weeks, speculations surrounding the possibility of Cardi B. and Offset being back together have been circulating through multiple media outlets.

Earlier this week, it had been revealed that Cardi B. had, in fact, forgiven Offset and the two were working towards a healthier relationship.

Cardi believes that her and Offset are just two people just trying to work towards a better relationship and does not understand everyone’s fascination with their lives.

The rapper states, “I feel like we just really are a very regular couple. We just do regular things,” she continues. “I just feel like: We’re famous … we’re really popular right now — I just don’t know the obsession, like I feel like everything we do is a big deal. Even before the bad scandals, just from the first time they seen us together, it was just like this big crazy deal.”

Cardi B. and Offset are known for putting their personal lives out on social media for their fans and do not shy away from showcasing their authentic selves.

Fans began to speculate Cardi B. and Offset were back together early on after Cardi revealed that she was spending time with her estranged husband. The rapper has stated that she would always love Offset and wanted him to remain in her life for their daughter’s sake.

Cardi B. revealed, “I hang out with him, I talk to him every day and we do our thing,” Cardi says of Offset. “It’s just like — to make things perfect … it takes time. You know, f—ing and hanging out doesn’t mean that you guys are on like a perfect note, it takes time. It takes time. And it’s a marriage and there’s a child involved and family involved.”

Offset does not plan on messing up

Offset was very determined to win Cardi B. back and even showcased multiple displays of affections in order to show her how truly sorry he was.

After much groveling and many “I’m sorry’s,” the Migos rapper is happy to be back in his wife’s good graces.

According to a source, Offset promised Cardi B. he’d behave and would never break her trust again.