Cardi B Just Dragged Trump Supporters for Playing ‘WAP’ at a Party

From the moment she first began her career on Love & Hip-Hop: New York, rapper Cardi B showed us that she was a different kind of celebrity. While many public figures are terrified to say or do the “wrong” thing, Cardi only cares about authenticity.

From the raunchy to the profound, the Bronx native has never been known to hold her tongue, and when it comes to politics, she’s not about to start. Amid Donald Trump’s presidency, Cardi has continued to speak out against his oppressive and discriminatory practices. She’s led town halls with Senator Bernie Sanders and Vice President Joe Biden while encouraging her fans to vote.

Now, amid celebrating the success of her latest hit single, “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi is not here for Trump supporters playing her music.

Cardi B has always loved history and politics

It might seem like the “Money” rapper is invested in our government and politics seemingly out of nowhere. However, Cardi’s love for politics and history stems all the way back to her high school days in the Bronx. Cardi attended Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology, a vocational high school on the Herbert H. Lehman High School campus.

The Invasion of Privacy rapper revealed that she loved the social aspect of school, but she also developed a love for history. In fact, her former history teacher revealed that she scored very highly on her Advanced Placement U.S. Government exam. She tweeted,

For those of you trashing Cardi B for representing a political voice, a) she probably scored higher than you on the US history regent exam and was in my AP US govt class. b) you’re not nearly as busy as her, and what have you done to advance political discourse in this country. c) She has a national platform and is using it to speak about things that are important…why can’t we respect that? d) STFU and take a seat.

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Cardi B is very concerned about the future of the United States

In addition to calling out Trump and his administration, Cardi has expressed interest in getting into politics herself. “I think I want to be a politician,” she tweeted. “I really love government even tho I don’t agree with Government.”

Cardi’s interest was sparked not just in the things that are currently happening, but by the war documentaries she had been watching. However, for now, her main focus is on the COVID-19 pandemic, medicare, and access to free education.

“It’s so sad that a pandemic had to happen so people could open their eyes and see what type of person they are dealing with,” she told Vice President Joe Biden via Elle. “[Trump is] really confusing everyone. [He’s] really playing games. And it’s crazy that all of this had to happen so they could open their eyes to the past four years.”

Cardi B is disgusted that Trump supporters were playing ‘WAP’

Cardi is very adamant about her stance against Trump and that extends to any Trump supports listening to her music. Recently Cardi saw a video floating around the internet of Trump supporters on a boat wearing MAGA hats and waving “Trump 2020” flags while blasting “WAP.”

Since conservatives have continued to lambast Cardi and Megan about their explicit song, Cardi was not here for it. She was also annoyed that the Trump supports were not social distancing. She tweeted,

Wasn’t republican conservative throwing a little fit bout this song ?…….Anyways this makes my a** itchy. ….I’m callin the fbi on this festivity. They are not quarantining.

How iconic.