CardiB Loathes Being Asked This One TMI Question

Fans can’t get enough of Cardi B: She’s dramatic, funny, and just downright cool. She doesn’t take her fans’ trust in her lightly, either. She recently started getting political, and fans love it. The more of Cardi B’s opinions we get, the better.

The rapper recently sat down with Vogue to be interviewed as part of their 73 questions series. That’s a lot of juicy new info on Cardi B. The questions spanned everything from baby Kulture, to her career, and her relationship with Offset.

We certainly learned some new things about Cardi B, including which question is so common Cardi is getting tired of hearing it.

Cardi B hates being asked about her butt

Cardi B is tired of people asking her about her butt. She’s had butt implants — she admits that. Now she wants to stop talking about it.

She says that “people are so obsessed with knowing about the enhanced butt process,” and they’re always asking her about it. Considering Cardi B has a lot more substance than just a big butt, it’s natural that she wants to be done with the butt conversation.

Cardi B loves to debate, and she’s into current events. Maybe people don’t think of her that way because she’s a former stripper, but she wishes people would engage her in more serious conversation instead of just asking her about her body.

Cardi B has certainly proved she’s up to the task of talking politics with some of the biggest names in the game. During the interview, she dropped facts about presidential history and reiterated that she’s “feeling the Bern,” meaning she’s supporting Bernie Sanders in the upcoming presidential election.

Being involved in politics has gotten Cardi B some heat from people like Tomi Lahren on social media. As Cardi B says, if you can survive the Bronx, you can survive anywhere.

A Twitter war with a political commentator likely doesn’t phase her. She’s feuded much harder, with much bigger names. Her most famous feud is probably her beef with Nicki Minaj. That’s led to some violent altercations in the past.

Fans already knew Cardi B had butt implants 

Cardi B is very open about the plastic surgery she’s gotten. While she’s not as addicted to it as some stars, Cardi B has had her fair share of procedures.

The Hustlers actress admitted to getting breast and butt implants. She’s also gotten liposuction.

Cardi B explains that she has a vision for how her body should look. When she’s not able to create that image of herself by going to the gym, she gets surgery to close the gap.

We’re not sure if she’d do surgery again though. She had a hard time recovering from her liposuction and suffered a few post-surgical complications. She said she’d try harder at the gym next time.

Cardi B is really just the girl next door

The interview took place in Cardi B’s godmother’s apartment in the Bronx. It’s the same apartment she had when Cardi B was growing up, and seeing her there was a great reminder of why fans love the “Bodak Yellow” rapper.

Even though she’s earning a lot of money, she’s still down to earth. She told Vogue that she wants to be seen as “the girl next door who made it.” Things like being interviewed in her grandmother’s apartment help with that.

Even though Cardi B seems wild, and she certainly likes to party, that’s not all she is. She describes herself as having a “chill side.”

On the whole, she’s “very balanced” in terms of wild and tame. She even describes herself as “kind of boring.”

While we doubt very much that Cardi B is at all “boring,” it was great to see her being so normal and grounded, in the comfort of her grandmother’s living room.