Carl Grimes’ Best Moments on ‘The Walking Dead’

Carl holds a big can of pudding in The Walking Dead
The pudding moment has become a defining one for the character of Carl. | AMC

The Walking Dead has been full of shocking moments over the years. There have been many characters to come and go. Hopefully, before that, they get a few moments where they made us laugh, cry, and smile. And now it’s been revealed that we won’t be seeing more of Carl Grimes.

It’s sad because fans watched Chandler Riggs grow up while doing the role. But it gives us a reason to look back at his best moments. These are the times that were important for Carl as a character and what it meant to be growing up in a world full of walkers. Here are seven of his best moments.

7. The pudding moment

There aren’t many times on the show that Carl got to just be a kid. So when he did it really stood out to the audience. This moment happened in “After” where Carl is on the run for more food and supplies after he had to leave the prison with Rick.

He comes across a house that has a huge can of chocolate pudding. He then sits on the roof of the house to enjoy it. It’s a totally innocent moment despite there being a walker trying to reach out and get him from inside the house.

This scene led to people creating pudding cans in honor of that moment. Chandler Riggs was shocked by the reaction to it. “I honestly did not expect it to be a defining thing for my character,” Riggs told Forbes. “It’s been almost two years since that episode came out and people are still bringing me pudding at conventions.”

6. Carl gets Rick’s hat

Rick hands Carl his sheriff's hat
A touching moment between father and son | AMC

In “Cherokee Rose,” Carl is recovering from a gun wound and Rick is by his side. When he wakes up, they have a chat and Carl points out, “I’m like you now. We’ve both been shot.”

Rick then decides to give him his sheriff hat, which has been a part of his character since the very beginning.

5. Carl stands up to Negan

Negan and Carl in The Walking Dead Season 7
Carl has stood up to Negan int he past. | AMC

Throughout the whole ordeal with Negan, Carl has been strong emotionally. He stands up to him multiple times, but the one that stands out is when Negan asks him to take off his bandage to look at his eye wound.

It’s to force Carl to show his vulnerability — and it almost works, until Carl eventually tells him to go jump out of a window.

4. Carl’s speech

Carl stands above an injured Rick who lays in bed
Carl voiced his frustrations to Rick. | AMC

Many people didn’t really like Carl because he made the mistakes a kid would in this apocalyptic world. But one of his most angsty moments makes the list. In “After,” Carl and Rick seek shelter after the prison gets overrun. Rick then passes out, so Carl has to protect both of them.

This is when he lashes out at his father to talk about his frustrations with his decisions for the group. It’s emotional, and he even says he doesn’t need him. But this could be seen as a good thing since the goal was for Carl to not need him one day.

3. ‘I’d do it for you’

Carl and Michonne walk side by side
Carl and Michonne have seen several significant moments in their relationship. | AMC

In the episode, “The Next World,” things get pretty dark when Carl talks to Michonne about not being about to kill Deanna before she turned into a walker. When Michonne pushes him as to why, he says, “Because it should be someone who loved her. Someone who’s family. And I – I’d do it for you. I would.”

The whole thing is very dark– but in a twisted way, this was Carl telling Michonne that he loves her and she says back, “Me, too.”

2. Carl reuniting with Rick for the first time

Rick, Carl, and Lori on The Walking Dead
Rick, Carl, and Lori in Season 1 of The Walking Dead | AMC

Rick starts off on the search for Lori and Carl in Season 1. Meanwhile, they were learning to live and move on without him with Shane. Knowing everything they have been through, it’s a big emotional moment to see them all together for the first time. It’s one of the most hopeful moments of the whole show.

1. Lori’s death

Carl holds the hand of his dying mom
Lori’s death helped shape the future of Carl’s death. | AMC

It’s probably not shocking that this is considered Carl’s best moment. In Season 3, Lori was pregnant with Judith, and she had to give birth in the worst circumstances. She was locked in a room with Carl and Maggie with little supplies. This was a gruesome and terrible moment for Carl, but undoubtedly a formative one.

Judith had to be delivered through a tough C-section by Maggie. There was no way Lori was going to survive it, so she spent her last moments telling Carl he has to take care of his father. Lori also says, “You’re gonna beat this world,” which is a formative moment where he starts taking his own survival into his own hands afterward.

When Maggie reaches for her gun to shoot Lori, he stops her and says, “She’s my mom.” This was great acting for all the actors involved, including Chandler Riggs. His character went on beating the world not just by surviving, but usually striving to do the right thing.

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