Carl Lumbly Has Had Plenty of Practice for His Mystery ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ Role

With The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arriving on Disney+ later this year, it’s worth noting it’s going to have more than just Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Numerous other characters are going to play a part in whatever story Marvel concoct, and that includes another superhero actor: Carl Lumbly.

Most people know Lumbly from Supergirl on the CW Network playing M’yrnn J’onzz. He also has some other superhero-like credits, or at least in fantasy-related movies and shows. For instance, he voiced Martian Manhunter on the animated Justice League TV series.

His role might be an important one since it’s rumored to maybe be another character from the bevy of super soldiers created in WWII. Since Captain America sprang from this program, Lumbly may play a character adding to the show’s possible exploration of race issues.

Will Carl Lumbly’s superhero experience make a difference?

Carl Lumbly on the red carpet
Carl Lumbly | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Just being a part of superhero shows can set an actor up for knowing the nuances of how to act in them. There are some subtle things actors do in superhero shows, sometimes in the way they talk and how they recite dialogue.

Lumbly’s M’yrnn J’onzz on Supergirl is the father of J’onn J’onzz who are both aliens and choose to live on earth. Lumbly’s dignified dialogue is perfectly suited to the character, if also setting in motion potential race issues with the characters.

He’s brought a lot of classy performances like this for years to TV and movies. When looking at his TV credits, they go back more than 40 years to classic shows like Emergency! and Lou Grant. Plus, he’s appeared in many notable movies throughout the same time period and into the 21st century.

His associations with TV superheroes also go back further than just Justice League and Supergirl. Back in the late ’90s, he voiced Alterus in an animated Superman series, including voice work in Batman Beyond.

Will Carl Lumbly play Isaiah Bradley in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’?

A lot of speculation is going on about who Lumbly is going to play on the upcoming Disney+ series. No one’s talking, though sources like Screen Rant have been speculating he might play Isaiah Bradley. Anyone who knows their comic book lore will know this is one of the super soldiers of WWII who worked alongside Captain America.

In the comics, Bradley is also known as an alt version to Cap, giving a possible clue as to why Sam Wilson was ultimately chosen. Maybe Bradley wanted to be Captain America in the 1940s and Steve Rogers took it away from him.

Having Rogers give the shield to Sam Wilson was perhaps a symbolic gesture, if maybe disingenuous since Sam got it because of skills/ethics and not race.

Maybe The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will go there, however, since the show seems to be exploring race issues anyway. Part of the plot appears to be about Sam Wilson trying to win back the title of Captain America when the U.S. Government hires U.S Agent/John Walker (Wyatt Russell).

Isaiah Bradley would be an older character

Considering Lumbly is 68 years old, the character he’ll be playing is presumably someone older. Is it possible that Bradley managed to preserve himself somehow and shows up to help Sam? Being older, the timeline might not line up perfectly.

Because it’s only speculation about Lumbly playing Isaiah Bradley, the real character may be someone even more surprising. Regardless, based on Lumbly’s experience playing unusual characters, it’s likely not going to be anyone overly ordinary.

Fortunately, with his add to the cast, this is going to be one stellar lineup with potentially powerful performances. Along with Daniel Bruhl as Helmut Zemo and Emily VanCamp as Peggy Carter’s niece (Sharon Carter), the show has a lot of intrigue going for it to kick off the Marvel Disney+ tone.