Carrie Fisher’s Family Lashes Out Against Controversial Book

From her upbringing among the Hollywood elite to her roll in the Star Wars saga, Carrie Fisher lived a fascinating – if often sad – life. It’s perfectly natural that writers would want to chronicle Fisher’s career. However, her family has lashed out against an author who will soon release an unauthorized biography of the actress. Let’s look at the details behind this fascinating story.

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The controversial new book about Carrie Fisher

Sheila Weller is an author who is most well known for writing Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon – and the Journey of a Generation, a book about the lives of three of the most acclaimed female songwriters in music history. More recently, in her book Carrie Fisher: A Life, Weller has set her sights on the life of Fisher, another empowered woman who became famous during the same era as King, Mitchell, and Simon.

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Carrie Fisher’s family lashes out

The Fisher family is not too happy with this development. The Hollywood Reporter said that the actress’ brother, Todd Fisher commented “I don’t understand how you can write a book about Carrie without talking to those who knew her best.” Todd Fisher wrote his own book about his sister and mother (the Oscar-nomiated actress Debbie Reynolds) titled My Girls. This book portrayed Carrie Fisher in a favorable light.

Bryan Lourd, the father of Fisher’s only child, Billie Lourd, was also upset that Weller did not consult any of those close to Fisher when she wrote her book. He said “A person named Sheila Weller has taken it upon herself to sell and write an unauthorized biography based on my daughter’s mother, Carrie Fisher. I do not know Ms. Weller. Billie does not know Ms. Weller. And, to my knowledge, Carrie did not know her.”

He added “For all the fans and friends of Carrie, I just thought it necessary that you know this information before you decided to purchase this book or consider what is being said in the upcoming press interviews Weller will do while trying to sell it. To be clear I haven’t read the book. The only books about Carrie Fisher worth reading are the ones Carrie wrote herself. She perfectly told us everything we needed to know.” Lourd was referring to the three books that Fisher wrote about her life experiences – Wishful Drinking, Shockaholic, and The Princess Diarist.

Sheila Weller defends herself

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Weller defended her writing, saying “I reached out to Simon Halls, the representative of Carrie Fisher’s family, twice: once, in March 2017, informing them about my contracted book, and seeking family approval, and another time, several months later, to re-state both points. I was turned down — but in a gracious email — the first time, and invited to re-inquire later. My two follow-ups met with no response. Early reviewers and readers have called Carrie Fisher: A Life on the Edge a sympathetic portrait. It is my great admiration for Carrie Fisher’s life and work that compelled me to write the book in the first place.”

Regardless of the controversy, the book will be available for purchase on November 12th. Los Angeles Magazine recently published an excerpt of the book that details the final hours of the actress’ life.