Carrie Preston Made Her Directorial Debut With ‘Claws’ Season 3 Episode 8

Previously in Claws, Bryce (Kevin Rankin) received support from a publisher who wants to print his book, “Get It, Get It: The Final Solution.” However, when he has a book reading, he realized his publisher, Chad (Will Koberg), leads a “nationalist” group who believes in a “master race” leading to an all-out brawl.

Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes) told her brother, who is running for governor against Vikram Patel (Bernard White), about his illegal business with the casino. When Patel attempted to out her brother during a debate, he publicly told everyone about the governor’s dirty dealings, forcing Ann into hiding.

When Arlene (Suleka Mathew), Ann’s lover and a cop, went to Mac (Michael Horse) and Melba (Rebecca Creskoff) Lovestone to strike a deal to protect Ann, the Professor (Nelson Lee) showed up and killed Arlene. Carrie Preston made her directorial debut in Claws Season 3 Episode 8 where Ann learned of Arlene’s whereabouts and the racist publisher shot Mac Lovestone. What else happened? Keep reading to find out!

Claws Season 3 Episode 8
Actress Carrie Preston | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Ann found out about Arlene’s death in ‘Claws’ Season 3 Episode 8

After the Professor murdered Arlene, he found out about the Lovestones scamming the casino and demanded they (including Desna) pay the Triads $3 million within 24 hours. Desna (Niecy Nash) didn’t want Ann to know that the Professor is in town or that Arlene is dead, so she texted Ann from her deceased lover’s phone, calling her “honey.”

Ann immediately knew something was wrong and set off to find her woman. She went to Arlene’s police station, and someone posing as her boss, who actually worked for the Professor, told Ann that Arlene went undercover. The quiet friend still doesn’t believe Arlene would leave without telling her, so she showed up at Desna’s house for answers. Ann told her friend that they got married at City Hall for their upcoming baby and Desna, unable to lie anymore, finally told her the truth.

Polly and Joe confessed their love for each other in ‘Claws’ Season 3 Episode 8

Polly (Carrie Preston) wanted to rekindle her romance with Joe (Juan Riedinger), but he refused to talk to her. Therefore, she hid in the trunk of his car until he found her when he arrived at his destination. He told her he had to kill the governor, and Polly wanted to tag along to prove she can handle Joe’s job.

They snuck up behind Patel in his sex dungeon and attempted to smother him, however, the governor fought back. Polly somewhat helped, and Joe eventually overpowered Patel to finish the job. Finally, the two admitted they are in love with each other.

Chad’s robbery goes wrong

The fight at Bryce’s book reading went viral and a “nationalist” group, led by his publisher, Chad, started harassing them. They spray-painted “race traitor” on the family van and showed up at the rehab center wearing polos and khakis while carrying torches, chanting “U.S.A!”

Jennifer (Jenn Lyon) realized that Chad has the largest collection of Confederate memorabilia in the state, so they decided to rob him to pay the Triads back. The Lovestones have a personal vendetta against Chad, so they agreed to help Desna and her friends.

Roller (Jack Kesy), Melba, and Uncle Daddy (Dean Norris) posed as members of the neighborhood watch. They knocked on Chad’s door and he drank sweet tea on his porch with them while having a cringe-worthy racist conversation. Meanwhile, Desna, Virginia (Karreuche Tran), Bryce, and Jennifer snuck inside the house and looked for gold bars that belonged to Robert E. Lee.

Chad’s maid found the manicurists and held them at gunpoint, before Virginia hit her on the head from behind, knocking the maid out. They finished taking more of his collection and then ran to the van, with Mac as the getaway driver.

The publisher “stood his ground” and shot at the vehicle several times, striking Mac in the chest, killing him. Although the Professor is pleased with Desna and Melba for paying him back, he told Desna she must kill Melba because he thinks she’s too emotionally unstable.

What will Desna do? Watch Claws Sundays at 9 P.M. EST on TNT to find out!