Carrie Underwood Had a ‘Backup Plan’ In Case ‘American Idol’ Didn’t Work Out

Carrie Underwood is having a rocking end to the summer of 2019. She has been out on the road thrilling crowds on the second leg of her Cry Pretty tour after having taken a hiatus to recharge at the of the season. On top of that, she is going to be hosting the CMA Awards in November, where she herself is nominated for three awards.

Fans may remember her laying low for a while after recovering from a pretty bad accident a few years back, so it is amazing to see her still killing it and in such stellar form now.

Underwood has been working her tail off and building a great career ever since she won American Idol in 2005, so it’s no surprise that this ambitious superstar had some kind of backup career plan in place just in case things didn’t work out for her on the show. So what was this plan exactly?

She almost went down another career path completely

Carrie Underwood performing a song onstage.
Carrie Underwood | Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

American Idol was a huge lucky break for Underwood, but if it didn’t work out, Underwood had a back-up dream job in mind. When she was in college, she studied mass communications because she knew whether she was a singer or otherwise that she wanted to be on television.

In fact, the other dream she nearly pursued was that of becoming a famous television news anchor and journalist … and you just know she would have been great at it, too.

Luckily, that whole winning American Idol thing worked out pretty well for her. Underwood has been making a name for herself as one of the all-time greatest country artists ever since.

Her time on ‘American Idol’ counted as an internship

You know that Underwood is resourceful because she found a way to make her time on American Idol help her career even if she didn’t win. The whole time she was on the show she was earning internship hours that counted for college credit.

Since it meant she would be on television, it totally made sense for the department of communications at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma to give her credit for her time there.

In fact, it’s a good bet that all those interviews she had to give and all the camera time she had would actually have been a great way to help make her a more polished news anchor if that were the dream she had ended up pursuing.

There are a few other things not a lot of people know about Underwood

One thing not many know is that back in 2008, Underwood once totally made out backstage with a fan who had come back to meet her. Of course, it’s not that shocking a secret once you find out that the fan in question was Canadian-American NHL player Mike Fisher, the guy who would later become her husband.

The two now have two kids: 4-year-old son Isaiah and an absolutely precious new son named Jacob. The two love to sing lullabies to the baby … even if he definitely seems to prefer mama’s vocals, as an adorable post on Instagram recently revealed.

Another thing a lot of people don’t know is that Underwood’s dream wedding to Fisher back in 2010 cost a whopping $500K!

Just as you’d expect, this half-a-million-dollar soiree was lavish and fabulous, including a dizzying number of pink flowers, 5000 sparkling crystals, and a diamond tiara that Fisher gave his country princess for the big day.

As good as she probably would have been on the evening news, we are glad that Underwood ended up becoming the killer musician she is today. If she hadn’t we wouldn’t have been blessed with all the amazing hits she has given us over the years, and she might not have met her husband if he hadn’t been such a big fan.

Kinda makes you want to go listen to “Before He Cheats” for like the 100th time in celebration of her, right?