Carrie Underwood Hopes to Meet This Extremely Special Fan On Her Upcoming Tour

Carrie Underwood is getting ready for her Cry Pretty 360 Tour, which is set to kick off in May. Since she announced the tour, she’s been doing her best to promote it and can’t wait to see everyone who makes it out to her shows. However, there is one particular fan she’s hoping to meet during her trip around the country — and here’s why.

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood | Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images

Underwood announced that she’d be going on tour this coming May

After Underwood released the Cry Pretty album, everyone couldn’t help but wonder when she’d go back on tour. But even more than that, people couldn’t help but wonder when she was going to have another baby. But Underwood answered everyone’s burning questions in one video posted last summer; she was headed on tour in May 2019, but had to wait so long because she and her husband were expecting their second child. The couple welcomed a boy in late January, and now, she’s been in recovery mode while she gets ready to spend the next several months on tour.

Underwood always tries her best to interact with fans on social media

Although Underwood doesn’t have as large of a social media presence as some stars (meaning she doesn’t seem like she spends hours on social media every day), she still does her best to interact with fans. When she and Ludacris released “The Champion” Underwood would often respond to people performing the song, such as school choirs, teams, etc. She expressed her excitement for how much everyone loved the song and made sure they knew she was appreciative of their support.

One fan’s father posted a video of his deaf daughter signing ‘The Champion’ and said he hoped Underwood would see the tweet

The purpose of “The Champion” was to remind people that they’re capable of greatness no matter what. The music video featured people from all walks of life celebrating their accomplishments. And for one young fan, the song truly meant a lot. Savannah Dahan’s father shared a video to Twitter of her signing to Underwood’s song. Dahan is deaf, and her father shared the video with the hopes that Underwood would notice it. People began to retweet the video, and it eventually got Underwood’s attention.

Underwood responded by saying she’d love to meet the young girl on tour this year

After the video was retweeted thousands of times, it finally ended up in Underwood’s view. She loved what she saw and responded with the sweetest message. “Savannah, you’re amazing! I’d love to meet you too!” Underwood wrote, with a winking face and the hashtag #CryPretty360. It looks like Dehan will finally meet her idol this year. Fans were thrilled to see Underwood reply to the tweet. “Omg yes, so glad you saw this Carrie! She is going to be one happy little girl! You are so good to your fans!” one user wrote. Underwood’s tour doesn’t kick off until May, but it’s clear she’ll be doing her best to interact with those special fans along the way.

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