Carrie Underwood’s Husband and Son Just Shared an Adorable Father-Son Moment

Ever since Carrie Underwood gave birth to her first child, fans have been obsessed with her adorable family. And now that Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher is retired, he has plenty of time to spend with his two boys — but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about the sport he loves. Fisher and his older son Isaiah, 4, just shared an adorable father-son moment on the ice.

Carrie Underwood Mike Fisher Isaiah
Carrie Underwood with her husband and son | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

Underwood gave birth to her first son with Fisher back in 2015

Underwood and Fisher met through Underwood’s bassist, Mike Childers, who is good friends with Fisher and wanted to introduce them. At the time, Fisher was living in Canada playing hockey, and Underwood was living in Nashville for her singing career. Childers set the two up to meet backstage at one of Underwood’s concerts, and the two instantly had chemistry. They ended up having their first kiss on New Year’s Eve and were engaged less than a year later. Fast forward about four years after that, and they welcomed their first son, Isaiah, in 2015.

Underwood tends to keep her son’s face away from social media

Underwood and Fisher have always kept a low profile. They didn’t even make an official public appearance together until after they were engaged. And when they had their first boy, Underwood was hesitant to post him on social media. (Occasionally, parents — and their children — get ripped apart by social media trolls when posting family photos). Underwood sometimes photographed Isaiah for social media, but she often only ever showed the back of his head rather than his face. Fisher was similar, but he doesn’t have nearly as many followers, so he was a little less shy about posting than his wife.

Fisher recently posted an adorable photo of him and Isaiah dropping the puck at a Nashville Predators game

Fisher retired from hockey last year (he previously came out of retirement the year before), but he hasn’t forgotten his love for the game. When the Nashville Predators played the Edmonton Oilers this past week, Fisher and his son were invited back for a ceremonial puck drop. Isaiah was a ball of energy as he walked out onto the ice. He dropped the puck twice (the first time was a little off center), and charged back toward the locker room afterward. The father and son stopped to pose for a photo alongside a Predators and Oilers player, which Fisher then posted on Instagram. It looked like an amazing father-son night.

Underwood welcomed her second son, Jacob Bryan, in 2019

Fisher and Underwood recently welcomed a second child, a son named Jacob Bryan, which may explain why Underwood did not attend the puck drop with her husband. Underwood is scheduled to begin her tour in May 2019, so she’s probably soaking up as much mother-son time with the new baby as she can. Also, she’s likely working hard to get back in shape, since she tends to need a lot of energy when she’s running around on stage. Fisher will probably get even more time with his two sons when they’re all on the road with Underwood.

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