Carrie Underwood Just Got Mom-Shamed For a Video Her Husband Posted on Instagram

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher recently welcomed their second child, a son named Jacob Bryan. The couple has an older son, Isaiah, who just celebrated his 4th birthday. But when Fisher posted a hilarious video of his wife singing “Happy Birthday” to their older son, Isaiah, Instagram trolls were quick to criticize Underwood’s parenting.

Carrie Underwood Mike Fisher Isaiah
Carrie Underwood with her husband, Mike Fisher, and oldest son, Isaiah | Michael Tran/Getty Images

Underwood and Fisher just celebrated four-year-old Isaiah’s birthday

Underwood and her husband welcomed their first son, Isaiah, back in 2015 after nearly five years of marriage. Every year, they’ve made a point to throw a big celebration for their toddler. And this year, Underwood posted a Kermit the Frog birthday cake on Instagram that was custom made by a family friend. If that wasn’t enough, Fisher then took his son to a Nashville Predators game (Fisher’s former team) to be the star of the ceremonial puck drop. Underwood and Fisher have always been very attentive parents when it comes to Isaiah’s birthday.

Underwood sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her son after inhaling helium

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Happy birthday Isaiah!!

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Fisher posted a video on Instagram of his wife singing “Happy Birthday” to Isaiah on what we assume was his official birthday. The two appeared to be backstage somewhere or in some sort of conference room when Underwood took a birthday balloon and inhaled its helium. She then began singing her own rendition of the song to her son. And yes, she still sounded unbelievable even with her lungs loaded with helium. (For the most part, inhaling helium is harmless, unless you do it so much that your cells no longer receive any oxygen.) Underwood did get a few critics attacking her for the helium rendition. At the end, Carrie suggests that her son try inhaling helium. One user wrote, “Not the smartest thing to show your kid!” And similar replies trickled into the comments section.

Instagram trolls mom-shamed Underwood for the way she was holding her younger son

Everyone on Instagram believes they are the perfect parent, which is why when Fisher posted the video, trolls were quick to comment on the way Underwood was holding her younger son. Some said she was holding him improperly and it was dangerous for the baby because his head wasn’t fully supported. Although Carrie has only been a mom for a few years, this isn’t her first rodeo, and she’s likely fully aware of the proper way to hold a baby. And with that, her fans were quick to back up her parenting. Underwood has a very large following, and people instantly attacked those who attacked her. While fighting fire with fire isn’t the answer, many people showed thoughtful comments saying good for her for enjoying life and having fun (with inhaling helium) and reminding people that Underwood isn’t a brand new parent.

At the end of the day, Underwood and Fisher would never put their child in danger, and while parents do make mistakes, Underwood has likely had very proper instruction on how to safely hold her baby. For now, all anyone should do is admire how adorable their little family is.

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