Carrie Underwood Surprisingly Never Feels Full: Here’s Her Secret to Knowing ‘When to Stop’ Eating

It turns out, superstar country singer Carrie Underwood is just like us: she admits in her bestselling current book, Find Your Path, that knowing when to stop eating just isn’t natural to her.

Find out the fitness enthusiast’s foolproof method to knowing when enough has been enough for her at a meal.

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Spotify

Carrie Underwood says she never feels full

In Find Your Path, the singer honestly shares that she has never known what it’s like to feel full, to sit down to a meal and feel satisfied. It just isn’t part of her internal system.

“There has always been a disconnect between my stomach-fullness sensors and my brain,” Underwood wrote. “I’ve never had that switch that’s supposed to tell you when you’re full. Some people just know when to stop. They know because their bodies tell them they’ve had enough. Not mine. If I ever say I’m full, it’s because I know, objectively, that I am full based on how much I’ve eaten.”

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What so many fans find refreshing about the 37-year-old artist is her openness about life as a mom, juggling her career and home life at once, and in this instance, her inability to feel full.

“I don’t really feel it,” she admitted. “I know I’m not the only one. Many of us just don’t have that natural instinct.”

How Carrie Underwood tracks her meals

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The mother of two takes fitness and her health seriously and would rather not allow her body to “tell” her when it’s full. As the Tennessee resident explains in her book, she knows herself well and realizes her stomach won’t tell her when she’s done with a meal. So, she relies on what has become a foolproof method for keeping her calorie intake in check.

“To counteract this fact about myself,” she wrote, “I make a plan for how much food I’m going to put on my plate and eat at every meal, and I stick to it. Whether it’s a slice of pizza or a half cup of Brussels sprouts, I am accountable, and you better believe I’m going to quantify it.”

Underwood revealed that she won’t stop at eyeballing the amount of food on her plate. She measures each serving size and enjoys that one serving.

Carrie Underwood’s clever TV watching trick

As we said, the country star is just like us, down to her love of plopping on her couch to watch her favorite television shows. She, however, redeems even this lazy time to her benefit.

“Every evening,” she said in her healthy lifestyle book, “I have my decompression time, when I finally get to sit down, relax, and watch some mindless TV. I love doing this. It is so relaxing to me. But if I sit there for too long, I start to feel guilty and unproductive.”

Her solution? Enjoy the TV time, but put it to work for you.

“What I do is I totally relax during the show – completely, no guilt – but as soon as there is a commercial break, I take things upstairs, or move that pile of books or clothes, or get laundry out of the dryer and fold a few items in the laundry room until I hear the show coming back on. Then I’m back on the couch, totally relaxed again,” she said. “Until the next commercial.”

It if works for Carrie Underwood, it’s worth trying!