Carrie Underwood’s Tour Demands and How Much She Gets Paid Per Concert

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Touring can take a toll on celebrities. They often stay in a different city every couple of days and have to do their best to stay comfortable while they’re away from home. One artist who knows the rigors of touring is Carrie Underwood. The Grammy winner will embark on The Cry Pretty Tour 360 in May 2019.

One thing that can make touring more comfortable is a tour rider. A rider lists all the items artists need and want (usually in their dressing rooms) during their tour. Common requests include fresh flowers, food, and special furniture. So, what does a star like Carrie Underwood have in her tour rider?

Here are some of Carrie Underwood’s tour demands how much she gets paid per concert.

Carrie sticks to a vegan diet

It is revealed in Underwood’s tour rider that she’s a vegan, according to a 2014 document released by The Smoking Gun. A note is made at the top of the rider that there should be no dairy or meat products in the singer’s dressing room.

Her special food requests

Since Underwood is a vegan it’s no surprise she has some special food requests in her rider. She makes sure to consume the healthiest foods. Another request on her tour rider is a plate of organic fresh vegetables and organic fresh fruit on ice. Some of the fruits she asks for are melons, grapes, and strawberries.

This water is a must

It’s very important to stay hydrated when you’re on the road. The singer made sure her water needs were taken care of by asking for a total of 24 bottles of water. Underwood asked for bottled water, but not just any water will do. She specifically requested 12 bottles of Smart Water. The Smoking Gun reports this is because she had a sponsorship deal with Smart Water. The rider is clear about sticking to the rules: “Under no circumstances should any other water/fruit water products be placed on stage or in the meet-and-greet and dressing room areas,” says the rider.

Also on the list is six bottles of Vitamin Water and six bottles of Vitamin Water Zero. Apparently, the Yellow Energy flavor is a favorite, because it was on the list of requested flavors.

Tea, coffee, and soda are also on the menu

Underwood drinks more than just water. Although water is prominently listed, Underwood also asks for tea, coffee, and soda. Unsweetened Honest Green Tea and Diet Coke are the favorites.

The comforts of home

Another item artists typically ask for is extra furniture. Underwood requested two tables, four chairs, a sofa, and an easy chair. Looking good is also a must, so it’s not unusual that a full-length mirror is also added to the list. She seems to be concerned with having fresh breath. Sugar-free Extra chewing gum and a box of peppermint Altoids are also requested. Underwood’s rider, which is quite simple compared to other celebrities, ends with a request for hand and bath towels.

How much Carrie Underwood is paid per concert

The artist is doing quite well for herself. The rider states that Underwood should be paid at least $500,000 per concert. That request was made in 2014, so it’s likely she might be making a bit more for The Cry Pretty 360 tour. Underwood is by far the most successful American Idol alum. As of 2018, her net worth is $85 million.

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