To Some Fans, the ‘Cats’ Trailer is Equal Parts Weird and Exciting — Here Are a Few of the Twitter Memes

Cat people, rejoice! An upcoming movie tells the story of a few cats, portrayed by award-winning actors and singers. Fans got another look into this fur-coated musical with its second trailer, released in November. What are viewers saying about the movie adaptation of Cats? Here are a few fan reactions on Twitter and YouTube.

The trailer for ‘Cats’ features James Corden, Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Hudson

If you’re a cat person, this holiday season was made for you. A new movie musical, inspired by the stage production of Cats, is coming to theaters. This movie was adapted for the big screen by director Tom Hooper and screenwriter Lee Hall. It stars well-known performers, including James Corden, Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and others. In fact, fans got another look into this furry musical with their recently-released second trailer.

After watching, some took to Twitter, poking fun at Taylor Swift’s hairy fingers and the storyline of this T. S. Eliot and Andrew Lloyd Webber musical production.

People are poking fun at ‘Cats’ on Twitter

Once the trailer premiered, it earned almost a million views within a day. However, as of Nov. 20, this clip has more dislikes than it has likes. The first trailer, released in July also has more dislikes than likes. Some viewers took to social media, sharing memes and jokes about the furry creatures in Cats.

“Everyone trying to come up with the best Cats joke at once,” said one Twitter user. “No, I don’t know what is happening with these surreal human hands.”

“My therapist: You need to stop fixating on Cat Taylor Swift’s finger fur. It’s not real and it can’t hurt you,” wrote another Twitter user. Still, some musical theater fans are excited for this upcoming live-action movie.

“There’s only one thing I don’t really like about this trailer: the significant lack of singing. Other than that, very excited [about] this movie,” said one comment on the trailer on YouTube.

“Am I the only one who is okay looking at this? Sure it’s weird seeing human faces on cats. But they went for the Broadway look, I think it looks better than the first trailer,” said another comment on YouTube.

Cast members perform during a media call for CATS at Capitol Theatre
Cast members perform during a media call for CATS at Capitol Theatre | Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

When does ‘Cats’ come out?

The movie version of this musical premieres in the United States this December. Additionally, Cats is not currently playing on Broadway, though it did enjoy a run in London and New York for a few decades. According to Operetta: A Sourcebook, Volume II, Volume 2, the show opened at the Winter Garden Theatre in 1982.

Until then, fans can see these cast members perform in other movie musicals. James Corden starred alongside Emily Blunt in Disney’s Into the Woods. Rebel Wilson appeared as “Fat Amy” in the film Pitch Perfect. Some of the actors in this film have music available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. That includes artists Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, and Taylor Swift.

Cats premieres in theaters on Dec. 20, 2019