‘CBS This Morning’s’ Gayle King Recently Spoke on Baby Names, R. Kelly, and Stumped Her Interviewer on a Beyoncé Question

Turns out CBS This Morning’s Gayle King can make headlines as the interviewer as well as the being the interviewee. The CBS morning show lead anchor recently made a visit to visit to WBTV in Charlotte to help the station celebrate its 70th anniversary. Joining in on the festivities, King was interviewed by the station’s news anchors on a host of topics, where she also posed a question that had one anchor completely stumped.

“CBS This Morning’s” Gayle King | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Baby names

With King’s daughter Kirby now engaged, the journalist is starting to look forward to more than the upcoming wedding. King recently told People that she can’t wait to be a grandmother, and would prefer to take on the role as soon as possible. “Yes! You don’t even have to finish the sentence,” she said when asked if she’s ready for grandchildren. “Yes! Dear Jesus, yes. I can’t wait.”

 According to the Charlotte Observer, King is already working on baby names. “My daughter just got engaged, and I want a baby so badly I can taste it. So I have a list of names that I’m collecting. I’m now adding Théoden to the list. I have Eden, I have Chandler, I have Remington, I have Sawyer, and now I have Théoden… I like cool names that aren’t weird.”

King’s daughter doesn’t seem to be on board just yet. “My daughter said, ‘Mom, my womb is empty. Can I get married first?’ ‘Well, yes, I would like you to get married first.’ But I’m collecting names, just in case,” King said.

The interview

King’s interview with singer R. Kelly, accused of multiple counts of sexual assault, continues to be heralded by her peers and the public. When asked if she knew that the now infamous sit-down would go viral, King responded, “No, no, no. Actually, it wasn’t until I saw the still picture myself — because when you’re in it, and he’s slapping his hand and he’s screaming and hollering, I never was afraid or thought that he was directing that anger at me. I just knew he was frustrated and angry at the situation. But I never thought that it would blow up (like that).”

King also said the landmark interview catapulted her career. “It was definitely a game-changer for me. I’ve been doing this job for a long time, and have done work that I’m very proud of for a very long time,” she said. “But I did think that people started to look at me differently. I can’t deny that. And I think people paid attention in ways that they hadn’t, or they were surprised that I was so composed under what would be very frightening circumstances… But I really did feel very calm in that instance. I wasn’t afraid. I just thought, ‘Let me figure out a way to get it back on track.’ But am I surprised that it’s turned out this way? Yes, I am.”

The Beyoncé question

Fans of King knows of her easy-going nature and fun sense of humor. When WBTV’s Jamie Boll was talking to King, there was a point where they had an especially interesting dialogue. When Boll raised the fact that several women at CBS, including King, new CBS News President Susan Zirinsky, and new anchor of the CBS Evening News Norah O’Donnell are now leading the network’s news division, King jovially posed a question from a legendary Beyoncé song, asking Boll, “Who runs the world?”

Boll’s response? “You — women!” he countered. King persisted, asking, “No, what’s the song, Jamie?” she asked.

Admitting defeat, Boll confessed, “You’re asking the wrong guy… It’s pop culture.”

“It’s Beyoncé!” King exclaimed. “‘Who runs the world?’ Somebody tell Jamie, please.” When her question was answered with ‘Girls’ from a bunch of voices in the next room, King laughingly told Boll, “You are gonna lose some cool-people points now.”

Boll, laughing as well, replied, “Those were lost a long time ago — let’s be honest.”

Turns out King asks tough questions even when she’s not trying!