Celebrities in Stealth Mode: How Did Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Fly Under the Radar?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a high profile couple. After all, the two are heavily entrenched in the entertainment industry, but somehow they’ve managed to keep their life as a couple relatively private. They’ve kept things so quiet that Lively gave birth to the couple’s third child a couple of months ago without anyone noticing, according to Buzzfeed. In fact, Lively’s entire pregnancy has been shrouded in secrecy, and that is exactly how the couple wants it. Their ability to stay under the radar, however, begs the question; how do they manage it.

Blake Lively only revealed her baby bump because she had to

No one was even aware that Blake Lively was pregnant with the couple’s third child until she showed up on the red carpet with a very noticeable baby bump. There was no massive announcement, or Instagram snapshots documenting her journey. There was no public gender reveal or even a public statement made about it. Lively just showed up at the May 2019 premiere of Reynold’s film, Detective Pikachu.

Clad in a yellow dress, Lively stepped onto the red carpet, revealing a very obviously pregnant belly, and that’s all that was said about it. Fans weren’t given any more information. The couple didn’t announce when they were due, or even how far along Lively was in the pregnancy. In fact, it seems like Lively and Reynolds would have continued to keep the secret if it weren’t for the premier.

The decision is a bit unprecedented in today’s ultra-connected world. It’s easy to follow the every move of celebrities. Many celebrities are happy to buy into it, too. They manage social media accounts with calculated concentration. How they are seen and how many people like them, after all, can make or break their career. Lively and Reynolds aren’t playing along, though.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively set a boundary

Reynolds and Lively were no strangers to Hollywood when they met on the set of Green Lantern back in 2010. Then just friends, the now-married couple were involved with other people. Lively was dating her co-star, Penn Badgley, and Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson. Both relationships were pretty high-profile.

When the pair finally hooked up in 2012, they seemed dedicated to doing things differently. While they speak about their relationship when asked, they never give away too many details. They don’t invite the press into their lives, and they keep fans satiated with a few Instagram snapshots here and there.

To keep their private life private, they’ve also left the bright lights of Los Angeles. Living away from the paparazzi’s paradise seems to ensure they get to live like ordinary people. They’ve taken up residence in an affluent New York suburb, according to Pursuitist. In Bedford, NY, things are much quieter. The quaint city center is never crowded. Photos come from family snapshots taken on an iPhone instead of through the telephoto lenses of photographers, and the couple is free to come and go without an entourage. This couple doesn’t want to be bothered, and they’ve taken every precaution to ensure they are not.

What do we know about the new baby?

Reynolds and Lively are the parents of two daughters already. James, 4 and Ines, 3, are very rarely photographed, but Reynolds has spoken freely about his love for his young daughters. As for the couple’s third baby, we don’t know much.

According to an inside source, Lively gave birth to the new addition about two months ago. Based on that information, one can assume that Lively was around seven months pregnant when she appeared on the red carpet. She was spotted out and about back in late June looking very pregnant, too, which lends credence to the timeline.

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and their daughter Inez in New York City
Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and their daughter Inez | BG024/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The couple has not revealed the name of their third child, nor have they shared its gender with the public. Neither Reynolds nor Lively have even officially announced the arrival of their third child, so fans might be waiting a while to find out further details.