These Celebrities Are Leaving Twitter Today for #WomenBoycottTwitter

In the wake of Rose McGowan’s 12-hour Twitter suspension, a boycott of the social media platform has been organized for Oct. 13, and a number of celebrities are participating in “#WomenBoycottTwitter.”

That hashtag is currently trending as users show their support for the cause before signing off for the day. Thousands of ordinary people are taking part in the boycott, as are celebrities, not all of whom are women.

This all started after Twitter suspended the account of actress Rose McGowan, who says that she was raped by Harvey Weinstein and over the past week has been fighting against Weinstein and sexual abuse in Hollywood in general. As McGowan was calling out celebrities like Ben Affleck and amplifying stories of Weinstein’s alleged victims, she was suddenly suspended, which led to widespread outrage.

Rose McGowan at the New York Film Festival in 2015
Rose McGowan at the New York Film Festival in 2015. | Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

For hours, Twitter would not comment on why exactly McGowan was banned, as they have a policy not to comment on the suspension or non-suspension of individual accounts.

But there was so much pressure placed on them in this case that they finally did comment, saying that McGowan was suspended because she tweeted a private phone number. Still, Twitter was criticized for its selective enforcement of its rules, suspending a woman speaking out against rape for violating its policies but not suspending white supremacist accounts that routinely harass users.

Rose McGowan has since returned to Twitter after her 12-hour suspension, wasting no time and immediately calling out Amazon Studios for doing business with Harvey Weinstein after she told them that he had allegedly raped her. McGowan, of course, is also participating in the Twitter boycott today.

While McGowan’s suspension is what prompted this boycott, that of course did not come in a vacuum, and the boycott is not exclusively about McGowan. Instead, participants see it as a way to protest Twitter for a variety of reasons, namely what critics identify as an unwillingness to take issues of harassment and abuse seriously.

“I’m boycotting for many reasons,” model Chrissy Teigen explained. “To stand with the victims of sexual assault, online threats and abuse. And to boycott the fact our demented, p*ssy grabbing president can tweet nuclear threats of war I can’t even see.”

Other women expressed their support for the cause but decided not to boycott Twitter, feeling that they are already silenced enough and that taking their voices out of the equation entirely is not the right move.