Let’s Elope! 10 Celebrities Who Got Married in Las Vegas

There are many celebrities who seem to get married on a whim. Sometimes this leads to big weddings with a divorce that follows within the year. But then there are those who go off to get married in Las Vegas. Some of the elopements start off with partying, but others have very sweet proposal stories. There have also been a few marriages that have been able to stand the test of time.

So who ran off to Sin City to elope? Here are 10 celebrities who eloped in Las Vegas.

1. Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth

Shia LaBeouf after he went to Las Vegas to elope

Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth at the premiere of Fury | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

The Transformers actor ended up getting married in 2016 to his longtime girlfriend, Mia Goth. They got hitched at a chapel complete with a fog machine and hula dancer at Viva Las Vegas. They also pulled up to the wedding in a pink Cadillac with an Elvis impersonator. They shared their wedding with the rest of the world by live streaming it on TMZ.

The newlyweds met in 2012 on the set of Nymphomaniac: Volume II. The following week, the actor talked about the ceremony on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The plan was for it to be a private deal, but … part of the package, the King Tut package, you get a live stream for free — part of the deal. And I said, ‘You know, we don’t really need that as a matter of fact. We’ll just take our private tape.’ We got our Moms there and they said, ‘No problem.’ We get back home and it’s like, woah, hey listen, something changed!

2. Britney Spears & Jason Allen Alexander

Britney Spears at the 2015 ESPYS. | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Britney Spears at the 2015 ESPYS | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The pop star got hitched at a Las Vegas chapel in 2004. It was definitely a surprise to most of the world. Her groom was Jason Allen Alexander, who is from her hometown of Kentwood, La. They were reportedly partying at the Palms Casino Hotel before she got a limo to the Little White Wedding Chapel, according to People Magazine. She was walked down the aisle by a hotel bellman and they were both dressed pretty casual.

She just came out and asked me,” Alexander said according to ABC. “She was like, ‘Well, let’s get married.’ And I was like, ‘Sure. You know, let’s do this.'” It didn’t last forever, actually it only lasted 55 hours before being annulled.

3. Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton attend the 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards | Vince Bucci/Getty Images

The actress and director was infamously in love with Billy Bob Thornton. After a day of shooting a movie together they decided to get married in 2000. They dated only two months before the wedding, and they were both dressed down for the occasion. Jolie wore jeans and Thornton wore his signature trucker hat.

Personally I don’t think they had really planned it out for long,” Reverend Jim Hamilton said according to the Daily Mail. “I think it was a spur of the moment deal but I’m not sure, I didn’t ask ‘Oh what made you decide to get married?’ It was my job to marry them.” They later separated in 2002 and finally got divorced in 2003.

4. Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman | Frederick Brown/AFP/Getty Images

The odd celebrity couple got married after dating for nine months. They went to the Chapel of the Flowers at 7 a.m. “It happened so fast,” Carmen said on Where Are They Now? “It was so spontaneous, and I remember right after, ‘Oh god, what did we do?'”

However, possibly when reality sunk in the two decided they made a mistake. They decided to annul on the ninth day of the 10 day deadline to file the marriage documentation.

5. Richard Gere & Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere

Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere | Brenda Chase/Online USA, Inc.

The supermodel and Pretty Woman actor dated for six years before going to Las Vegas to get hitched in 1991. However they later got divorced in 1995. The model said that the 17-year age difference between them was a big part of what ended their relationship.

“I just think your twenties, for women,” she said on Oprah’s Master Class, “is such a time when you’re starting to come into your own and feel your own power and connect to your inner strength, and it’s hard to do that — it’s hard to change — in a relationship, because what one person might have signed up for, all of a sudden, you’re not that anymore.”

6. Demi Moore & Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Bruce Willis, Rumer Willis, and Demi Moore | Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

The two actors dated for three months before getting hitched at the Little White Chapel in 1987. “I didn’t even know who Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were,” Reverend Charlotte Richards said according to Entertainment Weekly. “When I got back to the chapel, I turned the license in and one of the girls said, ‘Charlotte, do you realize who you just married?'”

They are one of the few celebrities couples who lasted a good amount of time after their elopement. They eventually renewed their vows in LA with a big party. They had three daughters together, but eventually divorced in 2000.

7. Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos attend the GLAAD Media Awards | Robin Marchant/Getty Images

The talk show host and the soap opera actor got married in 1996. The whole thing was kind of done on a whim. “We went for a walk in the park. I convinced her to come back to my apartment,” Consuelos said on Live with Kelly! “We had pizza and wine and I asked her to marry me.” Ripa then chimed in “And I said, ‘Ask me when you’re serious?’ And he said, ‘I am serious. Let’s go to Vegas tomorrow and get married.’ … I said yes.”

They went to the Chapel of the Bells to get hitched. After 20 years they are still together and they went back to the same chapel to celebrate their anniversary.

8. Christina Milian & The Dream

Christina Milian

Christina Milian and The Dream  | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Grey Goose

The producer and singer got hitched at the Little White Chapel in 2009. The two got secretly engaged two months before, according to People Magazine. However their marriage ended in 2011 reportedly due to the producer cheating.

“No matter what,” Milian told Latina magazine, “you can’t change who you are. I know that now. I tried to be someone I wasn’t because I wanted my marriage to work. But ultimately, if it’s not working, it’s not working.”

9. Jon Bon Jovi & Dorothea Hurley

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The rock star secretly got married to his high school sweetheart in Las Vegas in 1989. They didn’t even have rings to put on for the ceremony. “We did it for us and didn’t give a damn,” he said on VH1. “I got a lot of heat from it, between the band, my parents, Doc [McGhee, Bon Jovi’s manager]. Everybody was pissed off. It took me a couple of days before I realized that I don’t give a sh*t what anybody thinks.”

It’s a good thing too because their marriage has lasted all these years. So what has been the key to their success? “The fact she’s independent and isn’t needy or possessive helps,” he told Yahoo, “and she is just a very strong woman. I am wise enough to realize that women are much smarter than any man and that women control the world.”

10. Bette Midler & Martin von Haselberg

Bette Midler

Bette Midler and Martin Von Haselberg at The Metropolitan Opera House | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The icon got married to the artist in 1984 at the Starlight Chapel in Las Vegas. “We were married in the Starlight Chapel in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator,” Midler said according to People Magazine. “We never got any wedding pictures.”

The chapel was eventually shut down in 2008 and she was finally sent the missing photos. They are another celebrity couple who have been able to make it last.

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