Celebrities You Didn’t Know Celebrated Hanukkah

Thanks to Adam Sandler’s widely popular song trio, we know of many celebrities who will be busting out their menorahs when Hanukkah starts this year. But since the third installment of “The Hanukkah Song” came out in 2002, there are more famous faces out there that haven’t been immortalized in the Hanukkah Hall of Fame. Here are some celebrities you didn’t know celebrated Hanukkah.

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Movie stars who celebrate Hanukkah

You may have known that Seth Rogen is Jewish, but did you know his actor Paul Rudd is as well? Rudd’s grandfather emigrated to England from Russia with the last name “Rudnitsky” and changed it to Rudd. His parents moved to the states before he was born and raised the Ant-Man star as an Ashkenazi Jew.

Elizabeth Banks, another actor associated with Judd Apatow flicks, also celebrates Hanukkah. She was raised Catholic but converted to Judaism for her husband, Max Handelman. (Although she’s said she never finished the complete conversion process, she considers herself completely converted.)

Drake is talking on stage in a black suit.

Drake | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Music artists who celebrate Hanukkah

No, Sandler isn’t the only celebrity out there with musical chops who celebrates Hanukkah. Hip-hop icon Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham, was raised in a heavily Jewish neighborhood in Toronto and was dubbed “the biggest Jewish rapper since the Beastie Boys” by Rolling Stone in 2014.

Pop singer Pink doesn’t just celebrate her Jewish roots proudly, but she’s already passing the torch on to her young children. While on tour in Berlin in 2017, she took her daughter to the Holocaust Memorial so she could have a look at her Jewish heritage.

Perhaps one of the most surprising Jewish rockers ever was Joey Ramone — a fact about the singer which was likely unknown because of the surname he used onstage. Ramone was born Jeffry Ross Hyman and was honored at the first Jewish Music Awards in 2005. If he were still alive, we imagine he’d be getting ready to celebrate Hanukkah this year.

Host, presenter, Designer, Activist, Vital Voices Board Diane Von Furstenberg speaks during Vital Voices Global Partnership: 2017 Voices Against Solidarity Awards at IAC HQ on December 4, 2017 in New York City

Diane Von Furstenberg | Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Another A-listers who celebrates Hanukkah

She may be best known for her stylish wrap dresses. But fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg is also a big name when it comes to giving to Jewish causes. The Belgian designer is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and has made many donations over the years to pay tribute to her heritage. Happy Hanukkah, indeed!

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