Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Are Actually Related

There are tons of celebrities in Hollywood who are famously related, from Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal to James and Dave Franco. But seeing as so many actors and directors get into the industry through a relative, there are a lot more examples of celebrities who you likely had no idea are related.

These include celebrities whose last name is common enough that you probably never made the connection, to celebrities who you would never even imagine being in the same sentence. Here’s a look at some of those unexpected family connections, including a young actress who was inspired by her famous aunt (page 7).

1. Jason Sudeikis and George Wendt

Jason Sudeikis and George Wendt composite

Left: Jason Sudeikis | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, Right: George Wendt | Donna Ward/Getty Images

  • Sudeikis is Wendt’s nephew

Saturday Night Live star Jason Sudeikis is actually related to another hilarious comic actor: George Wendt, who played Norm on Cheers. Wendt is Sudeikis’ uncle.

Sudeikis says that Wendt set a good example for him, although it’s not as if he gave him the secret to acting. He said:

He’s always been very encouraging, but there was no Tuesdays With Morrie kind of relationship between him and I. He didn’t take me to the park to explain comic timing…There was nothing like that. He was just a good example that being an actor was a viable option.

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