‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Did CBS Quietly Cancel the Spinoff?

Has Celebrity Big Brother been canceled? A move made by CBS recently seems to show that the second Big Brother spinoff could be in danger. While it may still be on the way, some evidence points in the direction of the show not being on the air in January.

Julie Chen on Big Brother
Julie Chen on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Julie Chen has been teasing fans for weeks

Back in October, host Julie Chen seemed to poke fun at fans. She posted the iconic chair and show backdrop, which many folks thought meant that the show was coming back earlier or one of the spinoffs, such as Celebrity Big Brother or Big Brother: Over The Top, were on the way. Then, when she started dressing up like former houseguests, people thought this may have been hinting at an All-Stars themed Big Brother season.

But as Halloween came closer and closer, it looks like Chen just wanted to dress up and have fun with fans to celebrate. Chen hasn’t confirmed anything else about a new season of any of the spinoffs, all we know right now is that the main show, Big Brother, will be back for its 22nd season next summer.

Julie Chen’s new contract did not include ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

When Chen first signed a new deal to host the 22nd season of the show, Celebrity Big Brother was not a part of that pact.

Deadline, who first broke the news of Chen re-signing, said, “No official word yet whether Celebrity Big Brother also will be back early next year nor whether Chen Moonves will be fronting the third season of that spinoff. However, while not totally dead, all indications are that CBB will not be on the CBS calendar in 2020. The spinoff was not a part of Chen Moonves’ new package with the network.”

The lack of Celebrity Big Brother in Chen’s package was the first sign that the show may not be returning, at least during its normal time of the year.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is not on CBS’ schedule for the winter

Now, just a few days ago, CBS set its 2020 premiere dates for midseason — and Celebrity Big Brother is absent. Now, the show could very well still air and get a premiere date at a later time, but if it was to air in January as the first two seasons did, it would surely have a premiere date now.

The network did, however, include the premiere date for another reality series, Survivor: Winners at War, which will premiere on Feb. 12, 2020.

If Celebrity Big Brother doesn’t come back, hopefully superfans will be able to hold out until the summer for Big Brother.