Is ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Returning in 2020 for Season 3 on CBS?

Celebrity Big Brother is the celebrity version of the long-running CBS reality show, Big Brother. The show has aired two yearly editions starting in 2018 with Julie Chen as host. Fans of the competition show were looking forward for the third season at the beginning of 2020, but recent reports are suggesting the show might not be returning.

Julie Chen, host of 'Celebrity Big Brother'
Julie Chen, host of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

The history of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on CBS

The concept of Celebrity Big Brother in the U.S. came to life during the winter season of 2018. CBS developed the idea to counterprogram the Winter Olympics on NBC. The first season of the series averaged over 5 million viewers while the second season averaged over 4 million.

Marissa Jaret Winokur was the winner of Season 1 of CBB and Tamar Braxton took home the crown in Season 2.

Both seasons of the celebrity version of Big Brother managed to create headlines throughout their seasons not only in the entertainment industry but in the political world. Fresh off her stint at the White House, Omarosa Manigault was a surprise addition to the Season 1 cast. In the house, she revealed tidbits of her time working with President Donald Trump and her fears for the future of America under his leadership.

For Season 2 Anthony Scaramucci, who also served in the Trump Administration, was part of a twist in the game only lasting about a week.

CBB is played in a similar fashion to the summer version. The only difference is that the winter edition only lasts about a month. Fans had been expecting Season 3 as it has provided a holdout between summer seasons of the full-fledged game.

Julie Chen signs a contract for ‘Big Brother’ but not ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

During the week, it was reported that Chen signed a new contract to return as host of Big Brother. Deadline was first to break the news that a deal was made with the presenter for the summer. The bad news was that the deal did not include Celebrity Big Brother.

“No official word yet whether Celebrity Big Brother will be back early next year nor whether Chen will be fronting the third season of that spinoff,” Dominic Patten reported in the article.

Patten also indicated that CBB is “not totally dead” but the eye network doesn’t have it in its calendar for 2020. “The spinoff was not part of Chen’s new package with the network,” he added.

‘Big Brother’ faces criticism

Although the future of Celebrity Big Brother is uncertain, Big Brother has faced a lot of criticism over the summer. The casting for the CBS show has come into question as some viewers feel minorities are not favored. A producer was reprimanded earlier this year for suggesting a contestant act more stereotypical.

Kemi Fakunle, an African American contestant on Big Brother 21, blasted production when they asked her to behave in a particular way.

“I think I’m portrayed as a bitch. 100 percent. They were like, ‘Oh, why don’t you, like, wag your finger and be like, Uh uh, girlfriend. I’m like, I don’t even talk like that, so maybe try again, Christine.’ And she was like, ‘Oh, I mean, I just thought that was an option.’ Why are you trying to—I literally don’t talk like that, so, like, what are you trying to do?” she said according to Reality Blurred.

The eye network acknowledged the incident during the Television Critics Association panel and mentioned they talked to the producer in question.

“We learned that a producer, in an attempt to get a sound bite from one of the houseguests, overstepped. That producer was reprimanded and received unconscious bias training, as did all the producers on the show, and we don’t believe that an incident like that will happen again,” Thom Sherman, senior vice president of programming, said according to The Wrap.