Celebrity Chef Giada De Laurentiis Says This Would Be Her Last Meal And It’s A Doozy

When a talented celebrity chef like Giada De Laurentiis says what her last meal would be, you listen. For a final morsel consumed on this Earth, it has to be something eternally sumptuous.

Giada De Laurentiis
Giada De Laurentiis | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Find out what the Italian-born De Laurentiis wants as her final meal, plus what a couple of other chefs have said on the topic.

Rachael Ray muses on her last meal

It’s interesting to hear what a chef would want for their final meal. In Rachael Ray’s case, she really got thoughtful about it in speaking with People earlier this year.

“I hate that question. I’ve always said I’d be way too depressed to eat, I wouldn’t care about eating. I would try heroin, have crazy amounts of sweaty sex, drink until I literally blacked out. I would not be worrying about having a steak if it’s my last few minutes on the planet.”

“I have always said if there is a heaven,” she continued, “when I die I would meet my first dog Boo and my grandfather and he would want salty fish spaghetti: sardines or anchovies with garlic and oil and chili. And Boo would want butternut squash more than anything, she loved butternut squash.”

Legendary chef Lidia Bastianich dishes on her last supper

Bastianich, like De Laurentiis, cooks mostly Italian cuisine and has a handle on presenting food that is not simply for the gullet, but for all the senses. It’s truly a gift.

“For my last meal,” she told The Village Voice in 2006, “I would like perfect, ripe figs and silky slices of prosciutto di San Daniele. Then I would have either linguine with clam sauce or linguine with garlic and oil. Either one—with some peperoncino.”

For the linguine with clams, she explained “Of course, start with very fresh clams. Open them first, and chop them a little bit. Then the peperoncino, toast it, put in some parsley, toss the linguine in the pan, and drizzle some olive oil. I like it a little on the juicy side. With most pasta dishes, you don’t want too much sauce. I don’t like a puddle. But with clam sauce, I do want a little puddle, because afterward, I’ll mop it up with some good bread.”

Bastianich knows how to create heaven on earth on a plate, that is for certain.

De Laurentiis’ pick for her last meal

As for De Laurentiis, what is her last meal? Is it her Grilled Salmon with Citrus Salsa Verde? Or her Roman-Style Chicken? How about her Fried Ravioli? Nope.

It’s cake. And not just a slice. The whole cake, all in one sitting. Well, it is her last meal.

“Seven-layer chocolate cake,” she told Health in 2016. “I would eat all of the frosting on the outside, then I would peel off the cake and eat the layers in between. I like a scavenger hunt.”

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