Celebrity Chef Giada De Laurentiis Speaks on Self-Care, Her Daughter, and Divorce

Giada De Laurentiis is known for her culinary artistry, hosting several cooking shows on Food Network over the years, as well as being a frequent guest of the Today Show. The celebrity chef is also a best-selling author and restauranteur, and recently spoke at Creative Culture’s Self-Care Summit in Los Angeles discussing the importance of self-care, as well as talking about her daughter and the impact of her split from her husband of 11 years, Todd Thompson.

Giada De Laurentiis | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Self-care increases with age

De Laurentiis shared that she learned how to take care of herself by following her mother’s and grandmother’s example. “My mom was very good about self-care, my grandmother was very good about self-care,” she said at the summit. “I watched them, and I became very diligent at a very young age about taking care of my skin, using sunscreen and just keeping it healthy all the time.”

According to Parade, De Laurentiis is turning 50 next year, and says her beauty regimen has increased a bit as she’s getting older. “Over the years, it’s gotten longer and longer and longer, because as you get older, it gets more complicated!” she said. “It’s become more intense over the years. With all the travel, all the makeup, the stress, I’ve had to take care of myself more rigorously.”

De Laurentiis meditates daily, even if it’s brief, and also does yoga, gets regular acupuncture treatments and takes supplements, as reported by Parade.

Delish diet

Being a chef, De Laurentiis is clearly an ultimate foodie and strives to make smart choices on meals that will benefit her health. “I snack a lot. I try not to eat big meals. Because of the way I’m built, it’s hard for me to break down a big meal. Eating big meals just puts me to sleep,” she said.

The culinary queen begins her day with cooked whole grains, either quinoa or black, wild or brown rice. From there, she jazzes up the meal by drizzling olive oil and sprinkling almonds and sea salt to the grains. “I like starch in the morning. That, to me, is comfort food,” she said.

De Laurentiis also keeps plenty of cooked vegetables on hand for snacks and light meals, though she does give herself permission to indulge. “I toe the line five days a week and then on weekends I eat whatever I want,” she said, according to Parade.

On her daughter and divorce

The Food Network star has an 11-year-old daughter, Jade, from her marriage to Thompson. While her daughter was very young at the time of the family’s transition, De Laurentiis realizes that there can still be emotions that come to the surface. “Her dad and I got divorced when she was 5, and although she doesn’t remember a lot, and she does pretty well, there’s still a lot of stress that builds up over time,” she said.

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Part of keeping that stress to a minimum means that both De Laurentiis and Thompson strive to provide Jade with a stable environment. They recently both attended Jade’s end-of-the-year school graduation, with De Laurentiis posting a picture of Jade with her and Thompson on Instagram.

De Laurentiis told People in 2017 that both she and Thompson saw the importance of co-parenting as a team. “We live a stone’s throw away from each other, like five minutes, which has really helped keep Jade stable and just keep her environment as similar as possible at both places… Getting along with my ex-husband really helps, as well. We’re supportive of each other and, in turn, supportive of Jade,” she said.

The celebrity chef also talks to her daughter frequently about the importance of self-care. “I’m constantly on her about taking care of herself,” De Laurentiis said, encouraging basic practices like face-washing and dental hygiene, to emotional coping skills and asserting herself. “Teaching her to speak up for herself and tell us what she needs and not being a people pleaser, which is what a lot of girls learn to be,” she added.

Wise words for all women!