Celebrity Makeup Artist Share Secrets from the Red Carpet

The 2019 Emmy Awards will go live at 8pm eastern time, but hours before stars hit the red carpet, they’ll be busy getting ready. The ritual of getting ready for a major award ceremony may begin days or even weeks before the ceremony, but makeup needs to be done as close to the star’s debut on the carpet as possible. Kate Lee, a makeup artist to the stars, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the way she helps stars get camera-ready. Kate Lee has worked with Emilia Clarke in the past. Lee isn’t the only celebrity makeup artist who has spilled a few makeup secrets from the famed awards circuit, in any case.

Kate Lee forgoes bronzer on stars

Lee shared a few tricks she uses when getting stars camera ready, but one tip is a bit surprising. Lee told The Hollywood Reporter, that she’s incredibly focused on creating a natural look for the skin, so sparkly bronzers are an absolute no-go. Instead of a sparkling bronzer, Lee allegedly relies on a foundation powder that is a couple of shades darker than the client’s skin tone to give the face a healthy glow.

According to Lee, this trick adds depth, without making a face look to heavily made-up. Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, with whom Lee has worked, told Marie Claire earlier in the year, that old Hollywood inspires her favorite makeup looks. She told the publication that all she needs to feel her best is red lipstick, liquid eyeliner, and some lashes.

Head makeup artist for The Oscars swears by this one simple tool

Bruce Grayson is the head makeup artists for The Academy Awards. While he works with stars day in and day out, he admitted to Us Magazine, that the awards circuit is a unique makeup arena. Grayson swears by a straightforward tool, whether he’s doing makeup for a photoshoot or touching up smudged concealer before the announcement of a category.

Grayson told Us Magazine that he always keeps a beauty blender ready with the star’s foundation shade. Not only does he claim the beauty blender is the quickest and easiest application device, but it can also be reactivated with a bit of water. Not only is it perfect for makeup jobs backstage, but it can be quickly utilized when the tears inevitably well up in a star’s eyes.

Proper skin care can make all the difference

Emmy Awards makeup prep might seem like a day-of situation, but that’s not the case. According to a facialist who has worked with celebrity clients, many Emmy-bound clients start a regiment six weeks before the big event, although beginning two weeks before the red carpet is fine, too, according to InStyle.

Facials and a daily moisturizer are generally enough to get the skin ready to shine on Emmy night. The facialist who spoke with InStyle isn’t the only servicer of the stars who thinks moisture is vital. Grayson also suggested that a well-moisturized face can help makeup look flawless for the cameras. Serums, moisturizers and daily cleansing should be part of everybody’s skincare routine, but its especially crucial for individuals who will be photographed heavily on a given evening.