Celebrity Marriages That Lasted Less Than 1 Year

Marriage isn’t easy. But apparently it’s especially difficult in Hollywood, because more often than not, celebrity couples don’t stand the test of time. When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their separation, fans were devastated because their decade-long union seemed particularly solid by Tinseltown standards. But like countless other couples, their relationship was rocked by scandal and the former power couple went their separate ways.

Some Hollywood couples do manage to buck the trend by staying together for the long haul, while a few have taken a completely different approach, and dissolved their unions in record time. These couples, in particular, are often called out as an example of the fickle, frivolous side of celebrity culture. And after you see how long some of the following couples stayed together, you may agree that the criticism is legitimate. Here are 15 celebrity marriages that lasted less than one year.

15. Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly (10 months)

Lauren Holly and Jim Carrey on the red carpet, smiling and looking at the camera

Lauren Holly and Jim Carrey | Diane Freed/ Getty

They starred together in Dumb & Dumber, and dated on and off for years before finally tying the knot in 1996. But Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly were off again less than a year after they made their relationship official. After 10 months of marriage, the couple split, citing the all-too-common irreconcilable differences. Rumors about his temper and her potential relationship with Ed Burns floated in the press, but neither Carrey nor Holly ever confirmed the exact reason for their split.

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