These Celebrity Wedding Crashers Are the Best Uninvited Guests Ever

No one wants their wedding crashed by uninvited guests — unless of course, the visitors are big stars. From A-list actors to former presidents, who knows who may show up on your big day? The following famous faces surprised couples during their nuptials. And one royal encounter shocked the whole bridal party (on page 9).

1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt poses with the newlyweds.
The A-list star posed with the newlyweds. | b/60 via Youtube.

Where: Buckinghamshire, England

In 2013, a couple asked Brad Pitt to take a photo with them after their wedding party spotted him at the Stoke Park hotel in Buckinghamshire. The actor, who was on location filming Fury at the time, agreed and smiled with the newlyweds.

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2. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson poses with the grooms.
After tying the knot, the couple received a surprise serenade from Jennifer Hudson. | Jennifer Hudson via Youtube

Where: Dallas, Texas

The American Idol season three finalist surprised a lucky couple at their wedding reception, serenading them in honor of LGBT marriage equality. The grooms sang and danced to her live performance of “I Still Love You.” Their nuptials arrived shortly after the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states, something Hudson strongly supported.

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3. Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Joni performs with the wedding singer.
An unexpected performance from Jon Bon Jovi | Inside Edition via Youtube

Where: Miami, Florida

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi was innocently enjoying himself at a 2016 wedding when the wedding band’s lead singer pulled him on stage. She started singing his hit “Livin’ on a Prayer” and knew he couldn’t resist. Bon Jovi reluctantly began singing, but he got into it as wedding guests all pulled out their phones to capture the moment.

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4. Jeremy Renner

Actor Jeremy Renner | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for TWC

Where: Houston, Texas

While attending the 2015 Comicpalooza, Jeremy Renner, known for his portrayal of Marvel superhero Hawkeye, headed to his hotel bar, where a wedding reception was taking place. Accounts from guests claim Renner refused to take pictures with the bride and groom and was standoffish with guests. According to Gawker, Renner brought a female friend with him and drank from the open bar while he hung out for about an hour.

The actor defended himself, however, telling People, “This is the bride and groom’s special night, so out of respect I declined photos not to take away attention from the real stars of the evening.”

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5. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks greets the couple.
The bride and groom were shocked when Tom Hanks approached them. | Inside Edition via Youtube

Where: New York City

In 2016, Tom Hanks not only posed for several photos with this just-married couple in Central Park, he also gave them a congratulatory message and shared a selfie with them via his own Twitter account.

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6. Serena Williams

Serena Williams greets the bride.
The tennis star made this bride’s day. | Serena Williams via Instagram

Where: Miami, Florida

In 2014, a bride and groom were more than happy when Serena Williams crashed their beach wedding. In a leopard-print bathing suit, the tennis superstar approached the newlyweds and posed for photos with them and several other guests. Williams even uploaded some shots from the occasion to her own Instagram account and called herself the “bikini wedding crasher.”

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7. John Travolta

John Travolta poses
This couple got a double dose of John Travolta during their wedding weekend. | b/60 via Youtube

Where: Georgia

In 2013, John Travolta crashed a wedding after meeting the couple at a bar the night before. The actor was renewing his pilot’s license nearby and showed up to the nuptials later. This wasn’t the first wedding he crashed. He and Robin Williams showed up unannounced at a wedding in 1977.

“We were having fun, starting to relax, when we saw there was a wedding next door. We figured we’d crash it,” Travolta explained in 2009. Williams added, “They figured out who we were. Some guy yelled out, ‘Hey, they really are Mork and Vinnie Barbarino!'”

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8. LeBron James

NBA star LeBron James poses with the happy newlyweds.
NBA star LeBron James poses with the happy newlyweds. | Anje SOIREES via Facebook

Where: Coconut Grove, Florida

NBA champion LeBron James was doing a 2012 interview with Sports Illustrated at the same venue as a Florida couple’s wedding. “A member of his crew said, ‘We’re still working, get out of here.’ And I said, ‘I’m the bride,'” Jamie Kolnick told Good Morning America“They couldn’t find a way out, honestly, so they came through and said let’s take a picture and we got our money shot.”

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9. Queen Elizabeth

The newlyweds meet Queen Elizabeth.
Left: Queen Elizabeth | Michael Ukas-Pool/Getty Images, Right: The bride greets Queen Elizabeth. | Manchester Evening News via Youtube

Where: Manchester, England

The queen is not above crashing weddings. In 2012, her majesty shocked some newlyweds when she walked into town hall to congratulate them. Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, accompanied her and the royals spent several minutes talking with the newlyweds before posing for some photographs.

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10. Bill Clinton

US President Bill Clinton enjoys a pint of beer during his walkabout at the Malthouse
U.S. President Bill Clinton | Gerry Penny/Getty Images

Where: Cork, Ireland

In 2012, an Irish-American couple getting married were shocked when Bill Clinton crashed their wedding. The former U.S. President was visiting an Irish-American philanthropy group and happened to be staying at the resort where the nuptials took place. Clinton joined the affair and introduced himself, though we’re sure no introduction was needed.

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11. Justin Timberlake

Justin TImberlake poses with the newlyweds.
A couple taking wedding photos got to snap a shot with Justin Timberlake. | TMZ via Youtube

Where: Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

In 2016, a couple getting married at the Omni Mount Washington Resort were stunned when Justin Timberlake walked by them as they were taking photos. TMZ obtained video showing the shocked bridesmaids and groomsmen noticing the singer who stopped briefly to take photos with the couple before heading to another wedding — one we assume he was invited to.

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12. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper greets the bride and groom.
These newlyweds randomly met Bradley Cooper at Georgetown University. | Lisa Boggs Photography via Instagram

Where: Washington D.C.

While visiting his alma mater, Georgetown University, in 2016, Bradley Cooper congratulated an unsuspecting couple who were having their photos taken on the campus grounds. The pair’s photographer captured the surprising moment.

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13. Conan O’Brien

Host Conan O'Brien speaks onstage during the 5th Annual NFL Honors at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on February 6, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)
Conan O’Brien  | Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

According to E! News, a bridesmaid tweeted at Conan O’Brien, inviting him to her friends’ wedding after learning he was staying at their hotel. No one expected the TV host to show up — but he did. “I was standing in Park 75 and looked up and saw this towering man with big, red hair and a black leather jacket walk in,” the groom said. The two men chatted and O’Brien showed him how to do his infamous string dance. The TV star was reportedly very kind to the wedding guests, posing for photos with those who asked.

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14. Barack Obama

Barack Obama poses with the newlyweds.
A golf outing turned into a celebration of love for Barack Obama. | ABC News via Youtube

Where: San Diego, California

In 2015, Barack Obama was taking a break from political duties at San Diego’s Torrey Pines Golf Course when he heard about a couple getting married on the property. Obama insisted he meet them, so the bride and groom jumped at the chance right before their wedding ceremony. “They were so overjoyed,” explained the couple’s wedding photographer, Samantha Starkey.

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15. Beyoncé and JAY-Z

Beyonce greets the bride.
Italy is a lovely place to get married — and meet Beyonce and Jay-Z. | Hollywoodwire TV via Youtube

Where: Portofino, Italy

In 2014, Beyoncé and husband JAY-Z were on vacation sightseeing in Italy when they walked into a church where a wedding was taking place. Of course, no one was upset about Queen Bey and Jay crashing the ceremony and were ecstatic when the pair agreed to be in a few photos.

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16. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift poses with the bride and groom
This couple could not believe it when Taylor Swift crashed their wedding. | ABC News via Youtube

Where: Brant Beach, New Jersey

In 2016, Taylor Swift surprised a couple when she not only showed up but performed at their wedding in New Jersey. Swift agreed after hearing that the couple said their vows in a hospital room where the groom’s mother had passed away. The songbird played the piano as she sang a toned-down version of “Blank Space” while the bride and groom danced to their first song.

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17. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Where: ­Adelaide, Australia

In 2010, Lady Gaga was staying at the Intercontinental Hotel in ­Adelaide when she walked by a wedding reception and decided to join the party. The “Paparazzi” artist couldn’t stay at the reception too long, but she met up with the bridal party later that night and bought everyone a round of drinks.

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18. Amy Schumer

Where: Dublin, Ireland

When Amy Schumer crashed a couple’s wedding in 2015, she brought some famous friends along. The comedian was promoting Trainwreck and crashed the party of newlyweds who were continuing to celebrate their nuptials at a pub after the ceremony. Schumer didn’t show up alone either, she brought director Judd Apatow and singer-songwriter Glen Hansard with her.

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19. Ed Sheeran

Where: Sans Souci, New South Wales, Australia

In 2015, when Ed Sheeran learned about a couple who had fallen on hard times leading up to their wedding day, he decided to surprise them and went to the event. He also performed the very first song they danced to as a married couple and shared a photo with them on his Instagram account.

20. Kevin Hart and Josh Gad

The newlyweds laugh during Kevin Hart and Josh Gad's cameo.
The newlyweds laugh during Kevin Hart and Josh Gad’s quick comedy routine. | Rajan Patel via Youtube

Where: Los Angeles, California

Funny men Kevin Hart and Josh Gad were doing a photoshoot for their movie about weddings, 2015’s The Wedding Ringer, when they crashed a real-life wedding. The wedding celebration was happening next door to the West Hollywood venue where their photo shoot was taking place. The two stars reportedly crash the wedding, gave a mock speech, and then launched into an impromptu song and dance.

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21. Katy Perry

Where: Montecito, California and St. Louis, Missouri

Katy Perry is becoming a seasoned wedding crasher as she’s shown up at more than one ceremony. The first time was in 2013 with Robert Pattinson during a couple’s wedding rehearsal. The two stars were hiking and decided to watch the rehearsal in the courtyard of a ranch where the couple’s family and friends were gathered.

In 2017, Perry crashed another wedding appearing at the newlyweds’ reception being held at the same St. Louis hotel she was staying at. TMZ reported the singer stayed for several minutes and danced with the guests. Some of her backup dancers stayed behind to party a bit more.

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