‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans Just Endorsed Some Insane Conspiracy Theories and Fans Are Not Having It

Jenelle Evans hasn’t exactly been known for keeping her opinions to herself. The former Teen Mom 2 star has gotten into more than a few arguments with fans and costars for her opinions. Now, she has been posting a number of conspiracy theories to social media and people are tired of it.

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Jenelle Evans’ trouble in the past

Evans’ trouble on Teen Mom really started when she brought her husband David Eason on the show. Eason was eventually fired from MTV after making a number of homophobic statements. He also caused them to lose custody of Evans’ children after he shot a dog in front of them. But through everything, Evans has always had Eason’s back and continued to get back together with him after every infraction, which caused fans to be upset and lose faith in her.

What are fans mad at Jenelle about now?

#Savethechildren is a hashtag designated to bring awareness to child sex trafficking. It has been more prominent on Instagram and other social media channels since Jeffery Epstein’s death and the arrest of his companion Ghislaine Maxwell.

Evans has recently been tweeting in support of the movement.

“DONT SILENCE THIS!,” she wrote along with a retweet of a photo from a march against child trafficking. “If you’re a celebrity and a parent… what would you do?! #StandUp #SaveTheChildren.”

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But soon her tweets went from supportive to retweeting a number of conspiracy theories.

“Anthony Bourdain, Avicii, Chester Bennington, and Chris Cornell ALL committed suicide while working in a documentary called ‘The Silent Children,’ about pedophilia and trafficking. It was canceled after Cornell’s death. #savethechildren and the adults trying to expose pedophilia,” one of her retweets read.

She also retweeted a collage of Barack Obama giving the presidential medal of freedom to several celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Tom Hanks, and Bill Clinton with the words, “Yall seeing this pattern now? #savethechildren.”

When someone questioned her theory about Hanks, she responded defending her stance and calling the fan a “sheep.”

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Fans call her out

Fans were not here for Evans tweeting about saving children when her husband Eason has been accused of abusing her own children.

“We been tryna save YOUR children for ten years now. Get your own kids out of an abusive environment before worrying about other kids,” one person tweeted. “There is something tangible you can do to save your kids right now! Leave David! Stop the abuse!”

“I just said this yesterday!! Like girl… WE love your kids more than YOU do!!” another fan jumped in and commented. “We have been trying to save them for YEARS!!!”

“There isn’t a shred of evidence that Tom Hanks has been involved in human trafficking,” another person wrote. “Given the amount of involvement you’ve had with the criminal justice system, I’d think you’d understand what constitutes evidence vs. salacious tabloid articles.”

Several fans asked Evans to show some proof that Hanks or any of the people who received the medal of freedom were involved in sex trafficking.

Evans has yet to provide that proof.