Celine Dion is Totally OK With Breaking the Internet

Celine Dion is one of the biggest musical artists in history, achieving worldwide fame in the mid-nineties and establishing herself as a pop culture icon.

These days, Dion is more popular than ever, and even though she has experienced a good bit of tragedy in her personal life, she maintains a positive attitude that all of her fans admire and respect. Even as she goes through a major career resurgence, Dion has the same sass and soul that helped push her to the top of the charts over two decades ago.

Keep reading to learn how Celine Dion became famous, why her fans love her so much, and what she said recently about breaking the internet.

How did Celine Dion become famous?

Celine Dion performs onstage
Celine Dion | Brian Rasic/WireImage

Celine Dion was born in Canada in 1968, the youngest of fourteen children. Dion had an innate talent and passion for singing even as a very young child and when she was only five years old, she made her first public singing appearance, at a family wedding.

Before she was even a teenager, she began writing songs. Her family pushed her to explore her dream and connected her with music manager René Angélil. 

Angélil believed in Dion’s future and voice explicitly and became her friend as well as her manager. The two eventually became romantic with each other and got married in 1994. Their relationship ultimately became one of the great love affairs in music history, and the two never left each other’s side. Dion’s star continued to rise and by the mid-nineties, everyone recognized her beautiful, soaring voice.

Her big moment came in 1997 when she recorded the theme song for the blockbuster movie Titanic. “My Heart Will Go On” has become her signature song and one that her fans always expect to hear her sing during a concert. 

Celine Dion has a whole new generation of fans

Celine Dion worked consistently all throughout the late nineties and early 2000s. She and her husband, René Angélil, welcomed three children, their oldest son René-Charles Angélil and twin boys named Nelson and Eddy Angélil. Tragically, Angélil passed away in January 2016 from throat cancer, leaving Dion and their three children alone.

In addition, Dion had to rely solely on herself to manage her busy career.

Still, she hasn’t let the death of her longtime husband and partner slow her down, and in fact, she is more popular than ever. She released a song for the 2017 live-action Beauty and the Beast movie and in 2018, she made pop-culture history when she released a single for the hit movie Deadpool 2. Dion has also toured consistently, and in spite of being 51 years old, she seemingly has more energy than ever.

She has also stayed in the forefront of public consciousness by stepping out for the paparazzi on a fairly regular basis, her stylish ensembles frequently drawing praise. 

Jimmy Fallon talked to Celine Dion about breaking the internet

Recently, Dion sat down with talk show host Jimmy Fallon to discuss her legacy and some Titanic fan theories. Fallon told Dion that her 2018 Met Gala dress (a stunning star-inspired dress with a spectacular headdress) “broke the internet.”

Dion acted shocked, saying, “did I break the internet? Good!”

The studio audience laughed, showing that people still have a great fondness for Dion and appreciate her dry sense of humor. When Fallon asked the singer if she dresses like that around the house, Dion joked that she goes “to bed like that every night.”

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