This Is How Chad Michael Murray Feels About Returning to Teen Dramas and ‘Riverdale’

Almost two decades after he made our hearts flutter in Gilmore Girls and on One Tree Hillteen heartthrob Chad Michael Murry has returned to television as the sinister cult leader Edgar Evernever on The CW’s hit show Riverdale. Since leaving OTH in his rearview in 2012, Murray has been pretty lowkey with small parts in Ryan Coogler’s hit indie Fruitvale Station and a role on Fox’s Scream Queens. Now –at 37 the blonde hottie is ready to make another major splash on TV.

Who is Chad Michael Murray’s character on Riverdale?

On Riverdale –the OTH alum portrays Edgar Evernever. He made his grand entrance into the Riverdale Universe on the show’s second annual musical episode, which was inspired by Heathers. Murray told Cosmopolitan,

[Edgar] is Calm. Peaceful. Open. I think he’s very much a listener and someone who is pretty decent at reading people. I think when you look at any one particular person who can have that much power over a group of individuals, and lead a group using their own theories and perspectives on live, that’s always fascinating. Edgar is a unique character. I think there are so many layers to peel back , so it’s a very slow burn on really discovering who this man is, what his background is, and where he comes from. It’s been fun for me to see where he’s going, what he wants, and what his quest is all about. Beyond that, I can’t say much. He’s the leader of the Farm. The Farm very much believes in Edgar and their cause.

What is The Farm on Riverdale?

From what we understand so far, Chad Michael Murray’s Edgar Evernever is the leader of The Farm. So far, The Farm has remained mysterious AF. It appears to be a new age cult where the members only drink oat milk and shun all of their earthly troubles. The Farm also seems to have some ties to Gryphons & Gargoyles — the evil role-playing game that’s taken over Riverdale.

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This is how Chad Michael Murray feels about returning to TV

One of the reasons Riverdale is beloved across generations is because the adult characters have all portrayed iconic teen characters in the past –like the late Luke Perry. Murray is thrilled to return to the teen drama so that he can impart his wisdom of the industry on a new generation. He explained,

I will say that these kids are far smarter than I ever was—it’s fascinating to see it. Gosh it’s been sixteen years since I started shooting One Tree Hill… I can look back and see the journey they’re going on. I can lend an ear if somebody wants to unload or ask questions. I’m willing to be a sounding board. To be able to come in as Edgar and play something different and a character that has a depth and intrigue to me…plus, the cult world…I thought, “that’s a no brainer.”

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