Who Is Chantel Riley, the Actress Who Plays Kate In ‘Wynonna Earp’?

By now, all Earpers have heard the news: Wynonna Earp Season 4 will begin in Summer 2020. Though we still have a year to go, San Diego Comic-Con provided us with a little information to help us get by, as some of the cast were in attendance. Among them was Chantel Riley, who plays Kate. Here’s what you need to know about the actress.

Chantel Riley is Kate

In Wynonna Earp, Riley plays Kate, also known as “Countessa.” She first appears in the Season 3 premiere episode, “Blood Red and Going Down.” At first, she is a part of a group of European vampires who come to town and trap everyone under their spell. 

However, we soon learn that there is more to her. Kate and Doc Holliday got together back in the 19th Century when she was a fortune teller. But Doc was a little too loyal to his friendship with Wyatt at the time, and she left him, later becoming a vampire. Fast-forward many years, and she’s still in love with Doc. At his request, she turns him into a vampire — only he’s doing it for Wynonna. 

Here’s what you may know her from

Riley is a relatively unknown actress, but she has done well for herself over the past few years. She got her start on Broadway, portraying Nala in the stage production of The Lion King, years before the most recent film adaptation of the story.

Riley’s TV career is just taking off. She has starred on the Canadian drama Frankie Drake Mysteries as the titular character’s partner, Trudy Clarke. Additionally, she has another series airing presently: Pearson, which is a spinoff of Suits starring Gina Torres as her character from the USA Network hit. 

This is what it was like to join the cast

“I was very nervous,” said Riley of being a new character in Season 3. “It’s always scary to come into a new show, especially one that’s very successful. But I’m close friends with Shamier [Anderson, who played Deputy Marshal Xavier Dolls in Seasons 1-3], and so he did give me some good prep ahead of the show, and just told me how lovely everyone was and how warm they were.” 

As it turns out, Anderson was telling the truth. “And as soon as I stepped on set, that’s exactly how I felt. I felt the love. I felt very welcomed and so happy to be with you guys.” Riley continued, “It wasn’t hard. No drama, no divas. So yeah, it was amazing to be welcomed to the family.” 

Even Scrofano wants to play Kate

Kate is a pretty cool character. In fact, she’s so cool, Melanie Scrofano (who plays Wynonna Earp), thinks taking on the vampire would be a lot of fun.

“When I heard about Kate I was like, ‘Oh, that would be such a challenge,” because the idea of playing someone who’s been alive for that long and has that much depth to them, but then is also like this saucy lady. You’re current, but you also have to have this ancient quality to you. I think it’s so cool,” said Scrofano.

Here’s who Riley would like to work with 

Comic-Con International: San Diego -- "Wynonna Earp Panel" -- Chantel Riley
Comic-Con International: San Diego — “Wynonna Earp Panel” — Chantel Riley | Evans Vestal Ward/SYFY

Kate has spent a lot of time with Doc, obviously. She also teamed up with Wynonna toward the end of Season 3. So who will she fight alongside next?

“I would like to team up with Waverly,” said Riley. “I think that’d be very interesting. You know, she’s so sweet and good, and I don’t know, maybe Kate will just turn her out a little bit…Kate’s very spicy, you know? Hang around her long enough, maybe [she’ll] turn [Waverly] into a vampire, too.” 

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