Charles Barkley Helped Kenny Rogers When Michael Jordan Couldn’t Be Reached

Kenny Rogers went to great lengths to make sure his wife, Wanda Miller, had a good time when they first started dating. Here’s how Charles Barkley helped Rogers out in a big way when the country singer couldn’t get a hold of Michael Jordan.

Kenny Rogers wanted to take Wanda Miller to a Chicago Bulls vs. Phoenix Suns game

Charles Barkley, Kenny Rogers, and Jay Leno in 1994 | Margaret Norton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images
Charles Barkley, Kenny Rogers, and Jay Leno in 1994 | Margaret Norton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

The night before Rogers was set to perform at a concert, he decided to take Miller to a basketball game. He planned to have Miller’s twin sister and her date accompany them so they could provide a distraction. Rogers didn’t want the paparazzi to see them together and ruin their date. The last thing they wanted was for a group of photographers to descend upon them and take photos.

The night before that concert, the Chicago Bulls were playing the Phoenix Suns for the NBA Championship. I tried to reach Michael Jordan to see about getting tickets for Wanda and me as well as for Kelly and Rob, who were acting as our foils for the tabloids. The magazines would have loved to have gotten a picture of me with a beautiful 26-year-old girl. That would have added fire to what they were already saying about me, and I didn’t need that.

How Charles Barkley helped Kenny Rogers

Rogers tried to get tickets from Michael Jordan, but he was unsuccessful. Fortunately, he bumped into Charles Barkley, who was staying at the same hotel. The basketball player was able to help Rogers out.

After attempting to reach Michael and having no success, I had just about given up when we ran into the Phoenix Suns star player Charles Barkley at our hotel. Charles had come to my farm for the Classic Weekend and was happy to help us out. He said, ‘You don’t need Michael Jordan, man. I can get you tickets,’ and he did.

The four of us went to the game, making sure Wanda and I were never standing together. They were great seats, however, two on one side of the arena and two on the opposite side. So, Rob and I sat on one side, and Kelly and Wanda sat on the opposite side. We waved at each other a couple of times but had no personal contact during the game, so there were no pictures of us for the tabloids.

Kenny Rogers said Wanda Miller was happy to see the game

Although Rogers was concerned about getting good seats, he said he noticed Miller was happy just seeing the game. He marveled at how she didn’t seem concerned about where she was sitting. “It never dawned on me that Wanda was just there to see the game and didn’t care where she sat,” wrote Rogers. “She was just impressed that I knew Charles Barkley but not totally sure I really knew Michael Jordan.”

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