Check Out ‘Property Brothers’ Star Drew Scott and Linda Phan’s Outrageous Christmas Decorations: ‘A Real-Life Gingerbread House’

Property Brothers star Drew Scott married Linda Phan in the spring of 2018. This year, the couple is celebrating Christmas together in their new home, and they’re taking it very seriously. In a recent clip, Scott and Phan showed off their Los Angeles home, which they had turned into a winter wonderland.

Drew Scott and Linda Phan
Drew Scott and Linda Phan | Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Drew Scott and Linda Phan transform their ‘Forever Home’ into a Christmas dream home

“My obsession with the holidays starts around February,” Phan said in a recent video for Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, we start thinking about Christmas even before Halloween.”

ET reported that it took the couple three weeks to transform their home into a “real-life gingerbread house, complete with a holiday bakery.”

The Property Brothers host and his wife even invented their own present conveyer belt.

“We basically took the chain and pedal from a bike,” Scott explained, pointing out a white bike pedal. Then, they attached the pedal to the belt, followed by a line of gifts. It was important to Scott and Phan to involve the family in their celebration.

“We wanted this to be something cool the kids had never seen before,” he said. It’s all the more important because this is Phan and Scott’s first holiday season in the home.

“This is our first Christmas in this house together, and it means so much to us to have family with us,” Scott said. They also invested in an “old vintage chestnut roaster,” and a fake train track that ends on a mural that Phan painted. In fact, Phan handcrafted many of the festive decorations herself.

The ‘Property Brothers’ are producing a new HGTV show called ‘Outrageous Holiday Houses’

Phan and Scott’s gingerbread-like home will be featured on HGTV’s Outrageous Holiday Houses. Both of the Property Brothers executive-produced the Christmas special, and the show will be hosted by Lance Bass.

Property Brothers
Lance Bass, Drew Scott, and Linda Phan | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for The Environmental Media Association

The crazy Christmas details are what really make this home “outrageous.” Guests entering the house are met with a cupcake stand and a gingerbread man, along with large toy soldiers. In the front yard, red “frosting” and candy canes are lined up under a peppermint colored arch.

The Property Brothers star’s office was Christmas-ified into a holiday-themed bakery, complete with a pastry display case and a gift wrapping station.

“I love that this space is a complete mess, but it’s messy with candy and sugar and wrapping paper and bows and all good things related to Christmas,” Phan gushed in the Entertainment Tonight clip.

How Drew Scott’s brother and fellow ‘Property Brothers’ star Jonathan Scott felt about Linda Phan when the couple got married

The Property Brothers are a two-brother HGTV team that remodels fixer-uppers. Drew Scott serves as the real estate expert, while his twin, Jonathan Scott, handles the home renovations.

Jonathan shared his real feelings about Scott’s new wife Phan at their wedding. Jonathan’s best man speech, People reported, was nothing but love.

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, the Property Brothers
Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott attend the HGTV Lodge during CMA Music Fest| Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV

“Of the billions of people in the world, how did you find this person who jives so well with you?” Jonathan Scott said. He teared up, continuing, “I love the fact that you found each other.” He shared more with People after the wedding.

“The special bond [Drew and Linda] have has given me hope,” the Property Brothers host said. “There is such profound love and respect between the two of them. They really do make each other better people.”

Jonathan Scott also told People that Phan has helped her husband “slow down and express love, and it’s really made him a better man.”