Chef Adam Glick from ‘Below Deck Med’ Couldn’t Resist Posting a Hilarious Photo of This One Ingredient

If there’s one thing to be said about chef Adam Glick from Below Deck Mediterranean is that the traveling chef certainly has a wicked sense of humor.

Adam Glick |Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Glick is on assignment in the Turks and Caicos and is already cooking up a storm at an amazing home on the ocean. He posted about leaving his beloved pup Tex too and how hard it would be to be away from him.

But now that Glick seems to have settled into a groove he is already bringing the fun to his new employer. That also means seeing the humor in some produce created by Mother Nature. Most recently he posted to his Instagram story a video of one ingredient that had everyone laughing.

Glick is on a short term assignment

Glick has spent the last several months traveling the country with his best pal, Tex by his side. He’s crossed the United States (a few times) shooting his series for Outside TV and making several celebrity appearances at various conventions and on local television stations.

But the time came for Glick to return to doing what pays him the big bucks: being a chef. When he first posted about going on assignment it looked like maybe he was going to be a yacht chef. However, images now show that he’s on assignment for a few weeks in the Turks and Caicos, which means he’ll likely be landlocked.

Even though he probably looked forward to the job, he dreaded leaving Tex. “The look they give you when you’re packing your bags. I’m going to miss this little dude,” he wrote on Instagram along with a picture of Tex looking forlorn.

The new destination is spectacular

Since arriving in the Turks and Caicos, Glick has provided Instagram followers with plenty of eye candy. He uploaded a few videos to his story that shows an expansive view of the ocean from the home’s patio. Plus the grounds around the mansion are perfectly manicured and peppered with tropical flowers.

He even gave followers of a glimpse of what was in his vehicle’s trunk. “Classic chef trunk,” he says as the camera moves over the trunk filled with fresh coconuts. The home is literally right on the ocean and Glick gave followers a view of how close it is to the water. “The domain,” he says providing a view of the kitchen. “Next week, it’s about to go down!”

The day before Easter he posted a picture of a meal he prepared on the grill. “Day one and I’m already lighting fires,” he wrote. “You don’t need much to eat great food. Just a little technique goes a long way. Crispy skinned snapper and fire roasted peppers in my backyard tonight. Tomorrow the real cooking commences.”

Things get silly

Obviously, Glick packed his sense of humor as his story also features what appears to be a root vegetable that naturally formed into a very phallic shape. He holds the produce up to the camera giggling. “How could you not take a picture of that?” Chatter can also be heard in the background as others find it hilarious too.

Glick takes the joke even further. The next frame is Glick with a grater in hand. He’s grating the vegetable, which created the funniest video. Of course, he’s looking off into the distance trying to not to bust a gut. To offset the super-funny vegetable, Glick also included a nice picture after he hacked open a coconut too. “Fresh coconuts,” he wrote.

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