Chef Ben from ‘Below Deck Med’ Donates Holiday Meals

Chef Ben Robinson from Below Deck Mediterranean and his family are in the giving mood this holiday season. Robinson, his brother, and parents spearheaded efforts to donate food to underprivileged families living in the Cape Cod, Massachusettes area.

Ben Robinson
Ben Robinson | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Robinson shared how he gathered turkeys and ribeye steaks on his Instagram story. Later he posted a family photo along with the truck he used to bring the food to local families. “Cheers to everyone for inspiring this! We came together as family, to bring family together…,” Robinson shared. “All of your support through the years started something great today…We donated over 70 turkeys and 20 ribeyes to underprivileged families in the area…More next year!”

He also shared a video to his Facebook about the donation efforts. Robinson revealed that food donation is a yearly tradition for his family too.

He donated all proceeds from his apron sales

Robinson shared a video standing outside a BJ’s superstore and explained what he planned to do. “I’m here outside BJ’s and I’m not sure if everyone’s aware of this story,” he said. “I’ve decided to donate all of my proceeds to charity and I’m actually doubling it.” He used the money generated from sales to purchase turkeys and ribroasts.

“We’re going to be feeding underprivileged families in the Cape Cod area,” he continues. “And we’ll be dropping all this off to a food bank.” He rented a large truck to carry the food, which he was keeping at his family’s home in the area.

Robinson filmed the turkey purchase from inside BJ’s. He speaks with an employee about how to purchase and transport all the food too. The entire transaction is captured on video and then Robinson gets behind the wheel and drives the food to the food bank. He is also filmed at the food pantry where he speaks with an employee about the donation.

Robinson is a charitable guy

Being charitable comes easily to Robinson. After Hurricane Dorian destroyed several areas in the Bahamas, Robinson joined bosun João Franco from Below Deck Med to coordinate relief efforts.

Franco shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet in early September how he was getting relief to the island chain. “We are waiting on what may happen here first for a day to leave,” he shared in an exclusive interview. “It’s a weird situation because we want to help now but we may be hit as well! So it’s a waiting game. [But] we are hoping to move out on Wednesday.”

Robinson joined Franco and shared a series of videos to Instagram to demonstrate what the Below Deck Med team was doing. “Beautiful morning here in Fort Lauderdale,” he said. “Hi everyone, good morning. So, as you can see, I’ve got some eggs on the boil for me and my boy João and we will be helping with the Dorian relief program in the Bahamas.”

He later added, “Guys, hello just to update you. So I’m at this wonderful outfit called Nomad Surf Shop in Boca Raton right now,” he said. “As you can see these guys are loading into that truck lots of different stuff.” Including, “Lots of water … bloody heavy water by the way.”  He and his assistant also donated $1,0000 each to relief efforts too.