Chef Ben from ‘Below Deck Med’ Joins João Franco In Hurricane Relief Efforts

João Franco from Below Deck Mediterranean just got extra manpower for his hurricane relief efforts thanks to “save the day” chef Ben Robinson.

The determined bosun sprung into action to coordinate relief efforts for the Bahamas, even as Hurricane Dorian continued to pummel the island chain. Franco is working with the same team he does his shark dives with, plus he’s coordinated efforts throughout South Florida.

Ben Robinson
Ben Robinson | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Now Robinson is joining forces with Franco to help him manage the massive outpouring of support, supplies, and donations. Robinson took to Instagram to describe the scene and share how everyone can help.

The ‘Below Deck’ team rallies

While the storm continued to rage, former Below Deck chief stew Adrienne Gang loaded up her vessel with provisions and headed toward the destruction. She tweeted, “We are safe! Thanks to everyone for your concern about our wellbeing. I’ll be posting updates here. We are fine, but the Abacos is not. Please see the go fund me below. Every little bit helps.”

Franco too acted immediately. He posted a video and shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet he was gearing up to deliver as much relief to the Bahamas as possible.  “We are waiting on what may happen here first for a day to leave,” he shared in an exclusive interview. “It’s a weird situation because we want to help now but we may be hit as well! So it’s a waiting game. [But] we are hoping to move out on Wednesday.”

He has continued to post video updates along the way, letting fans know how they can help and where they can drop off supplies. Only 20 hours ago he posted, “Thank you so so much everyone!!! Let’s do it again tomorrow!!! We are the bahamas’ only help and it’s been so overwhelmingly incredible!!!!”

Now Chef Ben is joining the relief efforts

Robinson launched a series of videos to his Instagram story.  “Beautiful morning here in Fort Lauderdale,” he began. “Hi everyone, good morning. So, as you can see, I’ve got some eggs on the boil for me and my boy João and we will be helping with the Dorian relief program in the Bahamas.”

He continued, “So, we’re doing some coordination and we’re gonna keep you posted throughout the day and we’re gonna let you know which charity organizations to donate money to and also the drop-off places. I hope everyone is well. So, join me on our mission, thank you so much.”

Robinson followed up with a video of volunteers in action, sorting, and loading cases of water and supplies in the hot Florida sun. “Guys, hello just to update you. So I’m at this wonderful outfit called Nomad Surf Shop in Boca Raton right now,” he said. “As you can see these guys are loading into that truck lots of different stuff.” Including, “Lots of water … bloody heavy water by the way.” He continues by saying Nomad Surf Shop in Boca is the drop-off point for the next few days. Also, Robinson and his assistant have each donated $1,000 to the efforts. Franco also shared vital information for those who want to travel directly to the Bahamas.