Chef Ben From ‘Below Deck Med’ Reveals Which Captain Is Tougher on Him

Since chef Ben Robinson from Below Deck Mediterranean is the only cast member to work for both Captain Lee Rosbach and Captain Sandy Yawn, he was asked to share which captain was tougher on him.

Robinson was put in the hot seat when he joined Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. He was asked a slew of juicy questions ranging from which captain was tougher to which chief stew gives him the biggest headaches. Robinson is the ultimate crossover cast member because he’s also worked with chief stews, Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier.

Chef Ben Robinson
Jennice Ontiveros, Ben Robinson |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Robinson joined Sirocco mid-season, so he acknowledges he’s had more interactions with Rosbach. He helped to launch the Below Deck franchise and worked with Rosbach three full seasons. While he also did a full season of Below Deck Med, he worked with Captain Mark Howard.

Why was this captain tougher on him?

Robinson finessed his way around the question about which captain is tougher on him. First, he said Sirocco’s galley wasn’t an optimal cooking environment. He asserted Sirocco’s energy was rather dark and dysfunctional.

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But he believes perhaps Rosbach was harder on him. “Lee was tougher on me towards the end. I feel that we kind of may have gone in different directions,” Robinson remarked. “I became more fed up with the program because it was really tough. So I feel like Lee kind of almost bit into that a little bit.”

“Whereas I think Sandy, she was just overjoyed that she had a real chef on the boat now,” he continued. “Gave me a lot of respect because she didn’t want to screw it up. But who knows if we were both to start fresh seasons together. But generally, the chef shouldn’t get too much stick from the captain unless you’re not doing a good job.”

What about the crew?

Robinson was also asked which chief stew was tougher on him. Since he is a higher rank, he chose to answer the question from more of a personal perspective. “This is two questions,” he began. “In a personal setting, Kate is probably a little tougher on me because we’re very close, we’re both Capricorns, we know how to piss each other off. And it’s a lot of fun. Hannah, I think she tries to be tougher in the field with me and it’s not going to work for her, ever.” However, “She’s a lot of fun,” Robinson says.

As far as the crew goes, does he think some of his training as a health coach rubbed off on deckhand Travis Michalzik? Michalzik is filmed becoming extremely drunk when the crew parties between charters. Robinson had to take care of the deckhand during one such instance. Unfortunately, Robinson doesn’t think anything he could say would make a difference. “I just feel like he comes from a different culture, particularly the boating culture which he comes from, is more of a sailboat. That’s a more far lenient sort of culture where you just get s**tfaced all day.”

He also thinks Yawn’s open discussion about her struggles with addiction is helpful to the crew and viewers. “I find Sandy to be inspirational and I think she’s seen a lot in her life. And I think she’s a really wonderful human being,” he says. “And I think any advice she can give you, particularly in that context, should be well received. I think we could all learn from her.”