Chef Ben From ‘Below Deck Med’ Reviews the ‘WWHL’ Staff Dinner (And It Isn’t Good)

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen staffers gave chef Ben Robinson from Below Deck Mediterranean an opportunity to sample their staff meal. And his review was not good.

Robinson stands behind the WWHL bar with the meal that was served to staff that evening. He reviewed the pasta dish and accompanying side dishes, which he posted to the show’s Instagram. As he examines the dishes he even has some trouble identifying some of the ingredients.

Chef Ben Robinson
Chef Ben Robinson |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While he asserts the food is cooked very well (which means no food poisoning for the staff … yay), each dish appears to be lacking one big thing that is very important for Robinson. Does he find anything he likes? What rating does he give the overall meal?

He keeps saying the meal is missing this one big thing

As Robinson stabs at the meal and examines the flavor he keeps going back to one aspect that is void in the fare. “Andy what the hell are you doing,” Robinson yells from behind the bar. “Feeding your staff this bullocks? No wonder you’re not here! He’s probably eating at bloody Nobu right now!” Robinson adds the WWHL staff receives a catered meal every night and was ready to give it his full, unbiased review.

As digs in, he voices his trepidation. He begins with the penne pasta and says, “I don’t have high hopes for this guys,” he says as he tries to get a full forkful. He adds he doesn’t think it looks very Italian and the mushroom in the dish doesn’t seem to be very “respected.”

Robinson looks perplexed as he chews, staring at the ceiling. “Waiting for the flavor,” he says. “Nope. It never came.” In fact, he doesn’t seem to find flavor in pretty much anything he samples. “That is bloody awful,” he says in the direction of the pasta.

But what about the rest of the meal?

Robinson dives into the next item, which he refers to as, “sauteed green stuff.” After a close look, he realizes he’s about to sample the spinach. While he contends the spinach has good color, what does it taste like? “It’s wilted, not overcooked,” he examines. “Waiting for that flavor.” That seems to be a running theme with this review. “And it never happened!”

He then turns the food over with his fork, almost playfully, as he comments the food resembles something mom would make. “It’s like a rip off of a lasagna,” he says. “I’m not impressed.” He stabs away unsure what he’s about to eat until he realizes it is chicken. While he says the chicken is well-cooked the flavor, again is bland. “Everything seems to be cooked quite well, but very, very lacking with flavor,” he concludes.

Did he like anything? He seems to approve of the broccoli rabe Italian sausage. “That’s pretty good. That’s not bad,” he says. But then again, “You can’t really screw up Italian sausage.” Robinson even guzzles his white wine to clear his palate. But in the end, he rates the crew meal an overall one out of 10. The real question is, how would Robinson make this meal even better?