Chelsea Handler Goes Skiing Down a Mountain Without Pants and Fans Are Here for It

Some people choose to celebrate their birthdays by going out to a nice dinner or maybe a movie. Chelsea Handler made her 45th birthday a little more eventful. She went skiing down a mountain without pants to commemorate the event.

Chelsea Handler turns 45 and celebrates without pants

Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Handler turned 45 on February 25 and she visited the slopes to celebrate. She posted photos and videos on her Instagram showing the fun she had. One moment in particular seems to really have fans talking. Handler decided to not wear any pants while skiing. At least she wore a helmet, right?

“Skiing into 45 with my margarita, my marijuana, and my mountain! #whoneedspants #birthdaysuit,” Handler captioned the post.

A video showing Handler skiing while holding a drink and smoking is an impressive sight to say the least. Luckily she’s still wearing a jacket and a helmet, she’s just missing the pants. Another image shows her posing while holding her pants. In another, she’s wearing a robe while on her skis. She’s also seen on the ski lift wearing her robe and holding up a drink.

Fans react to the hilarious post

Handler’s fans had a lot of love to throw her way. They seem to really appreciate the humor in the situation.

“There’s our girl! 😂🙌 Happy Birthday my friend! Looks like it’s gonna be a good one! 💃🎉🎈,” an Instagram user wrote.

“Epic. 🙌,” another commented.

One fan said they love her even more now. “It’s moments like these that make me love you even more! Happy Birthday to you! ⭐️🎂😘,” an Instagram user said.

“Yes!! The world got a whole lot less boring the day you were born. Love you! 👏🏼❤️,” someone else said.

Numerous fans commented that they’d like to spend their birthdays doing something similar. A few said Handler is crazy, but in a good way. This isn’t the first time she’s posted something on social media that has gotten a lot of people talking.

Handler took a jog down a beach wearing Skims

Handler seems to be a fan of Skims, a brand of solution-based shapewear that was founded by Kim Kardashian. Handler decided to wear the shapewear and tape up her chest with Skim’s Tonal Body Tape for a jog on a beach. Handler appears almost naked on her unique jog that people can’t stop talking about.

Handler posted the video to Instagram and wrote, “I’ve always wanted to run on a beach naked, and now with @skims, I finally can. Thank you @kimkardashian!”

According to Us Weekly, Handler wore Solution Shorts from Skims that are high-waisted. She also used the tape to tape up her chest as well as her other private areas.

One thing is certain: a day in the life of Chelsea Handler is never boring. Fans are happy she at least takes the time to post about it on social media for the rest of us to see.