‘Chicago Fire’: Does Charlie Barnett Plan on Returning to the Show?

Charlie Barnett as Peter Mills

Charlie Barnett as Peter Mills | Nino Munoz/NBC

Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) decided to leave firefighting behind him and work at his family’s restaurant on Chicago Fire. That led to his character leaving for North Carolina in Season 3. But does Barnett ever plan for his character to return? Here is everything that Barnett had to say about the possibility of going back to the show.

Charlie Barnett says he’d love to return to Chicago Fire, but doesn’t see how it would work

The actor is up for returning as the former firefighter, but he thinks there are a few things that would have to be worked out first. “I have had discussions about it. I would love to but I haven’t had the opportunity,” he told TV Guide. “There’s a lot of things going on in the show so I don’t know where they’d fit me in.”

Since Peter Mills isn’t a firefighter anymore there would have to be some adjustments to work him back into a story. But the actor revealed that he actually thought of another way to get the character back on television.

Barnett said he would love to do a spinoff with Monica Raymund

Monica Raymund

Monica Raymund as Gabriela on Chicago Fire | NBC

Monica Raymund left the show to pursue other roles. Barnett is one of many who hopes she returns as her character, Gabby Dawson. But he doesn’t just picture Gabby being on Chicago Fire or even Chicago P.D.!

“Monica [Raymund] and I have had a little dream of us creating a spinoff show: Me cooking in North Carolina, her traveling back and forth from Puerto Rico and establishing some sort of world down there,” Barnett told TV Guide. So why is the character no longer on the show?

Peter Mills was written out to make room for new characters

It’s tough to keep a show fresh but one way to do it is to switch in new characters. Executive producer, Matt Olmstead previously talked to TV Guide about sending off Peter Mills and this was the reason given for the casting change.

The hardest part of this job is when you feel it’s the right time to make cast changes,” Olmstead said. “It was solely based on bringing in new people for new stories. Otherwise, it turns into a clown car. You have affection and admiration for [your cast], so you keep everybody, but it’s at the detriment at being objective and making some tough calls in terms of storytelling.”

The producer also revealed why they decided to have Mills leave for his family’s restaurant instead of die. “Ultimately, he makes the determination that he fulfilled his father’s legacy to the extent that he wanted to and he could check that box in terms of walking in the footsteps of his father who he never really knew.”

Charlie Barnett is now in the new Netflix show, Russian Doll. Although he moved on it seems like he’s very into the idea of returning as Peter Mills in some way.

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