‘Chicago Med’: Who’s Returning and Who’s Out In Season 5?

The Chicago TV franchise on NBC keeps pumping along strong with Chicago Med just as popular as its counterparts. While maybe you can argue Med has a lot of typical medical drama melodrama, it’s the compelling characters that make it worth watching. Also, it goes with the usual medical show trajectory of taking stories directly from the headlines.

If you’ve been watching avidly, you saw a lot of wild and dramatic arcs last season. One of those stories involved Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) being hit by a car in the season’s final moments last year. We saw her pass out afterward with assumption she’d died.

Of course, we know this is TV where death is always relative thanks to movies. Take a minute to see who may really be back and the new faces coming in.

Chicago Med
Chicago Med | Ben Cohen/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Is Dr. Manning really dead?

According to many media sources, DeVitto has been seen in the promotional ads for Season 5 of Chicago Med. We’re to assume then she’ll be back, which we hope is true considering how popular her character is.

Not knowing is certainly apropos when you consider how many main characters get killed off in top shows nowadays. Because shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones started those precedents, no doubt the cast in the Chicago franchise suffer nerves reading new scripts.

Let’s assume Dr. Manning survives but is probably badly injured, which may factor into many of the stories for a while. Having one of the doctors dealing with something life-threatening isn’t really anything new, though we haven’t seen it occur often from a physical accident.

Along with DeVitto, it appears two other regulars are returning after rumors of them leaving. These two have had an interesting romantic arc wavering between love and breaking up.

The return of April Sexton and Ethan Choi?

Most sources say these two pivotal doctors (played by Yaya DaCosta and Brian Tee, respectively) will be back in the new season. Any Med fans know about their off and on again romance throughout last season.

Despite both always breaking apart, we can see they still have some feelings for each other. Fans suggest they should break up for good, yet we know that’s too convenient for the writers.

When you have a romance as complicated as “Chexton,” it’s not going to be thrown under the rug by the writing team. Expect to see more of this in the coming season, including a definitive take on whether they’ll finally get together or split forever.

Two other previous romantic interests won’t be returning, or seemingly

Those of you who shipped the romance between Dr. Connor Rhodes and Dr. Ava Bekker (Colin Donnell and Norma Kuhling) may be disappointed to know the two actors are leaving the series.

As you may remember last year, the two broke up after Bekker wanted to mend her relationship with Rhodes. Latter accused Bekker of killing his father, which was basically the final straw in their romantic feelings.

Apparently NBC is still promoting them as returning. From all indications, they’ll just be in the opening episode to finish their story.

This could prove a bit of a downer in the opening based on their confrontation in the final episode of Season Four. Then again, Chicago Med doesn’t shy away from big dramatics.

All the other regulars will be back

Out of the main players, you’ll see Oliver Platt back as Dr. Daniel Charles. He’s been a pivotal force on the show since the beginning, if also butting heads with some of the doctors about many cases.

Expect to see Dr. Will Halstead, plus nurses Maggie Lockwood and Sharon Goodwin returning. They’ve all been in the promos, giving some sense of familiarity to those who’ve followed these characters from the start.

A lot of recurring characters are still in the mix as well, proving the show may have as much turnover in cast as ER had if it lasts as long. As usual, though, the individual stories of unusual medical cases are typically the real focus of the show, with the main cast reacting on how to solve them.