‘Chicago Med’ Will Return With New Episodes In January — Here’s What We Know

We know that we are on the edge of our seats waiting to see exactly what will happen in upcoming episodes of Chicago Med, and we can only imagine that the millions of other fans feel the exact same way. As the third series in the Chicago franchise created by Dick Wolf, it has had a huge following since the day that it premiered, and things just keep getting better. Chicago Med first came into our lives in 2015, and since then, it is as if no one can get enough of what goes on in both the personal and professional lives of the doctors at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. With a talented cast that includes Torrey DeVitto, Dominic Rains, Oliver Platt, and many more, Chicago Med gets more intriguing with every episode due to the amazing actors and spectacular writers. Although the new season has already started, we are only two episodes in. Now, we have learned that Chicago Med will return with new episodes in January — here is what we know. 

S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin in PPE, in front of a quarantine area
S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin | Liz Sisson/Getty Images

The first episode of the season

Fans got a bit of a teaser of the new season before going on a break that won’t end until after the new year begins! So, what were the episodes actually about? According to One Chicago Center, the first episode was everything that fans were anticipating. Titled “When Did We Begin To Change,” the show of course incorporates the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic into the storyline, although the episode put a lot of focus on the relationship between Dr. Will Halstead and his girlfriend, Dr. Hannah Asher, who have now moved in together.

We learn a bit about her addiction and the strain it is putting on those who care about her the most, and fans were also surprised to see Anita admit to some personal struggles as well. Dr. Charles is dealing with his complicated relationship with his daughter, as we also navigate the relationship between April Sexton and Dr. Ethan Choi as they figure out if working together is right for them. Most of all, fans saw Dr. Asher planning to leave while Dr. Halstead plans to stay, and they wonder what that could mean for his future. 

Moving on to the second episode

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After watching the first episode of the season, Chicago Med fans tuned into the next one, “Those Hidden in Plain Sight.” Dr. Choi was promoted to Chief of the Emergency Department, while Dr. Manning took some backlash after siding with a patient. This episode explores how there are quite a few mixed feelings regarding Dr. Choi’s promotion, with almost everyone voicing their opinion.

According to TV Insider, Choi tells his ex-girlfriend April Sexton that she won’t be working in the coronavirus unit any longer, and she isn’t all that happy, and Dr. Charles’s drama with his daughter continues. So, what does this all mean for the characters as the season progresses? It appears that there are more than a few relationship issues to cover, both former couples and even promising new ones. 

‘Chicago Med’ will return with new episodes in January

As for what will happen with which couple, it remains to be seen, and fans will have to wait until January to find out. It won’t be until then that the season will resume, and January 6, 2021 can’t come fast enough! According to One Chicago Center, NBC will continue airing new episodes, although we don’t know just how many. Even so, we are excited to see just what will pan out in the upcoming season and everyone continues working in a new environment that is pretty much dictated by the pandemic, as they all sort out relationships and the deep feelings that keep millions of fans hooked.